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  1. I just researched that, that is so weird that you can't have it show. I'll make one with fraps when I have a chance.
  2. Weird, I used shadow play play to record and I also had the fps counter on but for what ever reason it is not on the video. I get a solid 60 fps, it does dip down though when I am running through vegetation. There are some stutters but it seems to be common in far cry 4 from the constant loading of the map. I'll try and get another video up.
  3. Here is a Far Cry 4 video if anyone is interested, I am running a 970 through a GTX970. - YouTube
  4. So I finally got my eGPU to work but the weird thing is that my internal display is still on despite have a 750m in my system? What is going on there?
  5. So I got it to turn on. I was going to try a new hdmi cable, and when I did, windows made a disconnect sound. I plugged it back in and it shot up to the tv! The weird thing though is that my macbook screen stays on. It's just a extended monitor.
  6. I just tested the 970 in a friends desktop and the card is good. I'm at a loss for what could be not working. Update: I noticed that when I boot up with the eGPU there is a yellow exclamation point on "Microsoft basic display adapter" in device manager. This does not happen when I plug in the powered on eGPU when booted into windows already.
  7. The first thing I did was make sure the PSU was working by doing the paperclip trick and connecting the PSU to the car fans. I pulled many schematics of the pins to make sure they were the right ones. The fans turn on and the lights on the AkiTiO turn on when I flip the switch. I assumed everything was good b/c the case fans and video card fans turned on (video card fans wiggle, apparently this is what they do when not under load).
  8. I could always read more that is for sure. I am doing the paperclip trick as is mentioned in many guides. Is that different from using a switch also with the on/off switch in the back of PSUs? I can't count how many tutorials I have read and I am searching more for the answer but can't seem to find it. Thanks again!
  9. Oh my bad. I have read just about every thread there is with my setup but I didn't catch that, I'll search some more. Thanks.
  10. Oh sorry, thanks for responding. I am using my TV through HDMI plugged into the GPU. I am also just using the PSU on off switch on the back of the PSU. Is that enough? I have also not tried booting into OS X as it seems much more difficult than windows. So with the different combos (powered riser, right angle riser, barrel to molex) I started: - first turning the PSU on, connecting TB to mac then powering on mac. - second with PSU on and booting mac into partition selector then plugging TB into mac - then plugging PSU into mac when it is booted into windows. - the computer boots everytime - If I unplug the TB cable in windows then windows freezes. - If I reboot windows with the TB cable in then it doesn't boot and gets stuck and I have to hard reset. - I opened up nvidia experience and nothing is noted about the 970. Thanks again
  11. Setup: - Late 2013 rMBP 15" w/ 750m - AKiTiO Thunder2 - Antec 520m PSU - 12v is 40w ceiling I think. - GTX 970 SSC (04G-P4-3975) - Powered risers and molex to barrel adapter (only using the powered riser now). List of things I had to do: 1. Installed windows 8.1 through EFI boot from a bootcamp-made thumb drive. 2. Installed bootcamp drivers 5.1.5640 - Here 3. Installed nNidia drivers 4. For what ever reason I had to disconnect and reconnected the HDMI cable before the mac would recognize it. Future: 1. I am still waiting on the right riser as I bought a right angles 90 degree riser and I needed a left so I have to wait for it to come from China, its going to take awhile but it will clean up nicely once that is here! 2. I will get a longer thunderbolt cable so that I don't have to have the Macbook right by the eGPU. Does anyone know if this will slow things down? Benchmarks Without eGPU - Here (1879) With eGPU - Here Graphics score - 10815 I noticed people got much better results. The internal monitor was on so next time I will try to disable it and see how it runs. Far Cry 4: YouTube Here is what it took to get it running and some notes: I have a been trouble shooting this the last couple days. I'll turn this into a guide once I get things going to help those that may be having this same problem. First off I threw everything together but the powered riser was not powering the AKiTiO because there were a few 12v lanes that were not going back to the male end of the riser. The next day I received another riser that was complete and it did power the AKiTiO. Upon plugging the thunderbolt cable w/ the Mac I could not get it to recognize. The fans would wiggle though every 5 secs, one after the other. I tried every combo of booting it up. I also tried reinstalling Nvidia driver and that didn't work I tried reinstalling window 8.1 to make sure I selected EFI boot. Niether of these worked I then went and bought a barrel plug at radioshack and made a barrel to molex connector. This shows the same behavior as before. Here are some notes on what I have tried: I made sure the PSU was good by first doing the paperclip trick and powering some fans and everything seems to be good as they turn on and the PSU fan turns on as well. I am using my TV through HDMI plugged into the GPU. I am also just using the PSU on off switch on the back of the PSU. Is that enough? I have also not tried booting into OS X as it seems much more difficult than windows. Thanks!
  12. Would not having a capacitor make it not work? Update: I've tried powering on the eGPU before starting the Mac, in partition selecting and when it is in windows. I have had times when the Mac goes black and the fans turn on for a while but nothing happens after 10 mins. The fans on the 970 turn on and off quite randomly and sometimes only one turns on. I don't know if that is normal.
  13. Here are some pics of the riser and I think I understand why power isn't going back the AKiTiO. It seems like power only goes through the female end of the riser. Can I use the barrel to power the AKITIO along with the PSU and molex powering the GPU or will that just fry everything? Ha Edit: I got the new one to work by resoldering the 12v lines. Everything comes on but the computer doesn't switch over to the tv. I checked that I have bootcamp 5.1 and my install is UEFI. Any ideas?
  14. I got a 2nd riser and it too is not working which leads me to believe it is not the riser. I don't know what else it could be. Super frustrating. I know the molex connector is good cause it's powering on fans. I've written down some observation in this thread as I felt I was high jacking this one. - http://forum.techinferno.com/enclosures-adapters/7205-us%24200-akitio-thunder2-pcie-box-16gbps-tb2-89.html Thanks!
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