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  1. Update: So in my spare time this week I tired again. I had installed the whitelist removal BIOS, turned it on with the wificard in, switched out the wifi card with the eGPU and then did scan hardware changes on device manager and it showed up as a VGA display adaptor. It didn't do anything but it was more than I had before. But then it asked me to restart, I clicked yes, and it didn't show up anymore. I tried the steps again, but it still didn't work. Is there anyway to make it work.
  2. Personally, I don't think so. I got an invite to the beta, played then, played a little after and was totally pumped in the beginning, but after a while, it just kind of got boring/not sure what to do. I played TERA/C9 before it and I think the biggest part was the combat and kind of how they did the dungeons.
  3. You or someone else can correct me if I'm misinterpreting or what I'm saying is wrong, but from what I understand of the youtube videos, eGPU only work for the external monitor that's connected to them, not the actual laptop screen itself.
  4. Also is it possible to get just the expresscard adaptor?
  5. Hi Guys. I'm Daniel recent College grad. I've always been interested in PC Gaming. I joined the forum so I could post a problem I had and get help. TI looks like a great community and looking forward to being part of it.
  6. Hi, I found this forum as I was trying to find a way to make this work. I found the EXP GDC on youtube and thought it'd be great since I can't afford a whole computer right now. I'm running off a Pavillion dm4 1063cl and using a r9 270x with Dell 2-A 200W . I've replaced the wifi card in the miniPCIE slot with the eGPU and my computer boots up, the EGPU lights up the blue LED, the fans on the video card runs, but I don't see it on my device manager and nothings happens. Any thoughts or inputs from current users? Should I be getting setup 1.30 from Nando? (No offense to him since he seems so helpful as I've looked through this thread, but I don't want to make another purchase and find out it still doesn't work).
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