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  1. There is a way using which you can reset Bios, even if it's bricked by pressing combination of arrow keys, which will restore your Bios, idk the exact combination, but it's easy as typing 12345, and it's applicable for all Lenovo lappies
  2. Hi, TL;DR: Want modded BIOS for my same laptop, but there are some complications I want to mention in Advance. Long ago, I had posted here to get my Bios unlocked, BDMaster was quite helpful. After that I had my Bios replaced, I am talking about same laptop only. now, It(new MoBo) was added in my laptop with old version of Bios, however, I was able to upgrade my bios version to most recent version from Lenovo support only without any issue. but there is one complication, the new replaced & Upgraded version of my Bios showed few description of itself as Invalid, like serial number was invalid, model was invalid, as in dxdiag, and in Bios I did tried contacting Lenovo Service center regarding this, they gave me this tool. http://www.mediafire.com/file/b130nxagq3...29.7z/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/fb0rrjtlhz...29.7z/file and told me, we have to boot in FAT, and fire up some commands. but thing is, he first tried doing it, and he was able to get all the Invalid ones back to normal, and as it should, except One Screenshots: http://www.mediafire.com/?bc9l5u4o4f8o8 I hope that INVALID does not create any issue in BIOS modification, or flashing If there is not complications, I would like to proceed to completely Unlocking my Bios, to have advanced Menu, Wifi Whitelist, and vgpu, everything possible, http://www.mediafire.com/file/8ocaw4wqye...s.rar/file Thank You.
  3. Hi, there friends I'm having Lenovo Y50-70 laptop with bios's advanced feature unlocked(bios modded) it has I7 4710HQ cpu @ 2.5GHz and turbo boost @ 3.5 Ghz The problem i'm facing is my fan's RPM does not increases until the cpu throttles down to 2.5 ghz, and when i use throttlestop 7.0 b2 to make it run @3.7 GHz the temperature run @ 80-90(I'd try to make it reach max of 83-85 and then lower the frequncies) the the fan does not rotates @ higher until there's some heavy process going on and cpu gets throttled down i tried using speedfan and HWiNFo none of them works But IdeaFan from allstone works which was created for y510 models but there also one problem, the fan keeps slowing down every 8 secs and remains in lowest speed for 2-3 secs then goes fast & repeats i know that is because of the dust cleaning process but is there any way for me to keep it max or make it manually max? i know keeping higher RPM will damage my fan's bearing or permanently damage the fan, but I'd try to keep everything in safe limits so can anyone help me how to make it work for me without stopping or any alternate solution?
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