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  1. Hi all, as my Y580 got bricked and iam now going to get a new notebook i would like to ask which notebooks are at the moment available on the market that could fit my needs. I know htere is the y50 which would be fine, but has the big disadvantage athat apperently has not a free slow to built in a secondary hardware as i still have a 250GB mSATA SSD from my y580 that i woul dlike to built in. Anyone knows a notebook that could fit my needs of performance and price (Y580/y50) and allows to built a second mSATA drive in it? Sincerely blubbsy
  2. sorry for double post. I tried the usb recovery with the backup and after the notebook shut down and i removed the usb stick the notebook does not even turn on. Already contacted amazon and they said they will refund me the notebook now i only have to find a new one thats as good as my y580.
  3. i just flashed on my y580 the 8.01 unlocked version (i already hat 8.01 locked flashed) of the bios but i get after the reboot just a black screen and iam not sure if the system is booting or not, because the screen is just stays black from the beginning. The keyboard blacklight turns on and i hear the dvd initiliazing. Anyone faced this problem and knows if it is possible to fix it? sincerely blubbsy PS: i tried to find something similar in the thread but on the phone i havent found any function to search in a thread and google isnt a great help atm.
  4. Hi, does someone know how i can fix the issues with the mouse sensitivity? When i play its just supr slow and its impossible to play the game. Greetings Blubbsy
  5. Does it is actually noticeable that it has any advantages? I tried it with Open Broadcaster Software and shadowplay, and i hadnt noticed a performance difference. actually i had much less problems getting OBS correctly working then shadowplay...
  6. blubbsy

    GeForce 347.52 WHQL

    For general information: This driver version disables the overclocking capabilities for maxwell GPUs and later as it does every driver version since 347.09.
  7. headhunterGER, the raspberry pi has also a bettr suppot of the community and the better images. the odroid hardware is nice, but iam not sure if you can access the available performance as you can with the raspberry pi. for sure the odroid is still faster, but it is a pitty if you cant use all the ressources it offers.
  8. The little Death, quite funny sexual problems the guys have in the movie :-)
  9. y500 user happy about the notebook, even if the touchpad stopped working, but as it is more a stationary machine i dont care
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