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  1. Okay, i do nothing:-) Only one question: With the vBios flash, can i take the newest NVIDIA Driver, or is a older Driver better? Greets Daniel
  2. Good evening Guys, can anyone tell me the recommended Overclocking Settings for my GTX780M? Yesterday i flashed my default vbios successfully with the vbios from this Forum. Should i put the GPU Core higher, or the voltage? A stable and safety setting is my favourite. My Laptop is a Alienware 17 from 2013 with i7 4800MQ and 16GB RAM. For the settings Nvidia Inspector is the best i think, or another? Have a nice evening and thank you for helping. Greets Daniel
  3. Alienware is a Manufacturer that allows you to change some hardware in the Notebook. GPU and CPU are socked on Motherboard. I suppose that the coming Alienware Notebooks are unable to Upgrade :-( Greets Daniel
  4. Hello Guys, is it possible to change the 60hz LCD with a 120hz LCD? Is it plug and play, or do i need heavy modifications? GPU is a GTX780M. Greets Daniel
  5. Alienware 17 Notebook, Production Date September 2013 Intel Core i7 4800MQ, 2,7 GHz, Turbomode with OC to 3,9 Ghz. Nvidia Geforce GTX780M with 4GB DDR5 Win 8.1 on 120GB Toshiba SSD, 750GB Seagate HDD, 500GB mSATA SSD. 16GB RAM 1600Mhz. Optical Drive with Blue Ray Player. Greets Daniel
  6. Most Hardcore Games/Sim: ARMA3 and Xplane10 on Ultra. Actually there is no Videocard they can handle Xplane 10 with Full settings. In Xplane 10 Performance Tests a single GTX Titan is too weak for Xplane10 with Ultra settings. Greets. Daniel
  7. I play Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 and all Racing Games with my Xbox 360 Controller. Last year i used a PS3 Controller for These Games too. Greets Daniel
  8. My Decision goes to Alienware too before 14 months. I took a AW17 with i7 4800MQ, NVIDIA GTX780M. It was a pre owned Notebook. The price was 2000 Euro. I think my next Notebook is a SLI Powermachine. Greets Daniel
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