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  1. i have 550W on my external 980ti. its too much, but you never know what card comes next
  2. Hello panda you wrote in your post, that you had W7. how did the upgrade to W10 work? did you have to make the 1.3 setup new? im using w7 atm but i want to have W10 for some reasons. system: mbp 15 retina iris + 750m 16gb ram 2.4 GHz i7 GTX 980 TI screen: Acer Predator x34 regards martin ps: i dont need that optimus stuff. im not using the internal LCD
  3. ja versuch mal n akitio thunder 2 in die schweiz zu bestellen xD keine chance haha. musste es jetzt aus NY bestellen wo es gerade wegen dem schneesturm feststeckt xD kannst du mir n bischen detailiertere bilder von der verkabelung machen? brauch ich für die power auf der aktitio platine einen adapter oder ist das n direkter stecker von dem netzgerät? grüsse martin
  4. Hi th3v3rn i dont know :-/ i made a mbr implementation via windows 7. just make sure at the begining that the setup 1.30 runs good and the chainloader works fine. @Nando is really the man for this if you have any problems with the implementation. he knows everything
  5. Hi th3v3rn My 970 runns with the vidock but its crap. the benchmarks are good but when you play games you notice that it doesnt bring the power throuh the adapter. for example. dragonage inquisition should run on ultra on 1080p with 70 to 80 fps. i get just 35 to 40 but the card runns on 100%. second example watchdogs. should rund on ultra max 1080p with 70 fps. it does just 30 with the vidock. third example BF4. max settings 1080p should do 80 fps. it does just 40 -50.... so you better dont buy a vidock. its just a waste...
  6. Whaaaaat? why the hell would you do that?!?! xD the colour of your board is awesome! yeah i think the card is never under full load. and it has a bit of coilwhine but i think when i mount it in a case, i wont hear it anymore. uuuh cant wait to compare hope my akitio will ship soon ^^
  7. oh ok. thanks! i couldnt order the left one anyway... paypal doesnt work at the moment...
  8. haha i wish you all the best but what are you changeing on your setup? an other question, i made it work via the vidock and all the benchmarks are really good but the game benchmarks are not as expected. i got a score of 8066 with the fire strike benchmark. because i will have the exactly same setup as you have, can you do some benchmarks when you got the time? that would be great
  9. ah perfect. so i didnt get anything of the parts i ordered but i hope i will get all the stuff soon. when i get the Case i will better understand the space problem with the angled riser i think ^^ im very looking forward to see your updated thread with (i hope) some more detailed photos of the wireing and maybe a schema.
  10. Hi @tre87 Thank you so so much for your support! so i tried to find such a riser. but there are so many :-/ can you maybe take a look at the selection and tell me wich one would be right? PC-Ostschweiz - Delock Riser card PCI Express x16 angled 90° left insertion PC-Ostschweiz - Delock Riser Karte PCI Express x16 mit flexiblem Kabel rechts gerichtet PC-Ostschweiz - Delock Riser card PCI Express x16 angled 90° left insertion 2 U PC-Ostschweiz - Delock PCIe Extension Riser Card x16 > x16 PC-Ostschweiz - Delock Riser card PCI Express x16 angled 90° left insertion
  11. Hi @tre87 Thanks for the information. now i understand a littlebit more i had an other question witch you nearly answered in you reply to jagung ^^ its because of the angle riser. i dont understand what you mean with "use it in a CM Elite 130 case without cutting". is it a mechanical problem? i can do a lot of custom steel work on the case so my question is if the Angle riser is needet to make it work. Martin
  12. Hi jagung i can just answer you one question. here the link to the riser i ordered: PC-Ostschweiz - PCP.CH PCI Express 16x Riser-Kabel inkl. Molex-Stromkabel - 19cm i know its not ebay but now you have a picture
  13. Hi tre87 I just made my GTX 970 work via the ultra crap vidock on my mbp 2013 750m on windows 7. but now o bought your setup can you make a little schema how you wired up all that stuff? i cant find out if or where i ned plug the riser molex connector. is it directliy connected to the PSU? im a little bit confused. some people need the akitio psu and some dont. some people talk about a barrel to molex connection. so i dont know what i really need to do and how to wire up. thanks for your support! martin
  14. Hey tre87. did you have the error 12? i try my gtx 970 on my mbp iris hd and 750m gt. i allways get error 12. did you do something with de diy setup?
  15. Hello guys I have a 2013 MBP with iris hd and the 750m gt... i made it work so far that it just haves error 12 (took me a week -.- ). has some of you found out how to make it work? i cant enable the iGPU (it sais i cant with chipset 6+) or disable the dGpu (freezes). but it detects the gtx 970 in the 1.3 setup and on windows. i think my mistake is the code i copied in the pci.bat file and the startup file. is there a new version of that code for my macbook already? thanks for all kind of help <3
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