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  1. From what i know. when you buy it there is a option to put it in or to not put it in. I chose to put one in mine. maybe you accidently unchecked it? I have no clue but usually when they dont come its cause you didnt add it.
  2. hmm im not that good with those but what i am running on my y510p is a duo 120mm cooling pad. seems to work for me well. doesnt get hot at all when i have the pad running high. but if i have it on medium it still gets a bit hot. the cooling pad i got is like 60$ so that might be a cheaper easier way to lower temp
  3. I am pretty much running what you are running on your y510p. i just dont have the ssd on it yet. and have to switch card to 7260 ac havent had the chance yet. If you are still some how able to buy the extra gpu for ultra bay that would be the one upgrade i would think about getting. other than that you dont have much things to do. maybe just upgrade hdd and ssd for bigger store in the future and add more ram if necessary.
  4. i own a astro A50 and the reason they make you buy the mixamp is so you get the 7.1 surround sound. and i know you may thing but other surround sound headsets have a usb receiver and doesnt require me to buy a mixamp. but if you think about it those headsets arent multi compatible. The Astro A50 is awesome. I have my Xbox and my pc connected at the same time. I can get sound from both if i wanted to. It is a great headset but not really meant for transportation. its meant to be put down on a desk and use multiple platforms for it. If you want a good pc gaming headset the turtle beach z30 is nice i have used it before the sound is awesome very sturdy, easy to use. however i have noticed on the z30 the battery lvl does effect the mic at times. if you have low battery you would have to charge it or play charging it if you want mic on full volume. The range on it is also great. i had my laptop upstairs and went down to cook with it on and i was able to listen to music the whole time xD
  5. both windows and mac are great laptops but for that budget i would say go windows. you can get much better specs for less depending on the company and on top of that windows usually run games a bit better compared to mac. i have noticed that on my friends mac. However if you are getting a gaming laptop i would recommend a good strong cooling pad due to the laptop getting a bit hot from the gpu
  6. with your budget i would say get a regular laptop. for $1,500 you can get a good laptop with the right specs for 1,500 or less but with mac you are looking at a higher price. Now as for the programs my friend says mac has better video programs compared to windows but if you get a regular laptop you can get it for cheaper and have more money for a good program so go regular laptop
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