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  1. is the clevo 680m 4gb more stable than the dell 680m 2gb in overclocking? when i read this discussion, i think it was no good pick
  2. Hendrik0098

    [M17x R4] - 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    with this bios i had a big issue, my gtx680 was thottling every time to 4xxMHz (afterburner has no effect) but no problem with original a05. I thought there was no relationship between bios and vbios? can someone try same setting, with and without a05 unlocked? my system: 3610qm and gtx 680m
  3. ok, now i dumped my version und my friend try to update with this dump (using nvflash) but it dont works... sorry, please don´t laugh but i am a newbie in this section
  4. hi guys, i´m wondering, because my friend(who´s sitting next to) make some benchmark tests and so i decide to make the tests, too. the settings all are all the same but he has less frames than me and after looking in the values of gpu-z we found the difference between his m17x r4 and mine... the bios version of the graphic card on my system: the bios version of the graphic card on his system: both cards are dell oem gtx 680 2gb ram is it helpfully to dump my bios for somebody? (with a litte bit of help from you
  5. Hendrik0098

    flashing an R4 Bios

    hm, no problem to flash my r4

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