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  1. I just successfully upgraded my GT780DXR to a 970m 3GB, I scored the card off ebay from a buyer who had removed it from an MSI GT72. I've had success with a 770m as well before using the 970m. I would be really cautious about buying one of the multi-manufacturer cards as the MSI machines are very picky. I had a Dell branded 770m the first time and it did not work at all, ended up having to use an MSI branded card. You can flash the vBIOS of the Dell and Clevo cards to get them working but it's a painful process as you probably know. Also as far as I am aware the Clevo-specific cards will work in an MSI, but you will need modded INF files every time you update your drivers.
  2. I'm still researching what I need to make the changes but I'll keep you posted if/when I get everything I need.
  3. ApolloX75

    970M pic for MSI

    How different are these new heatsinks from the older 570m/580m cards in the GT780 series? I'm tempted to try an upgrade to the 970m...
  4. Hello everyone! Nice to find a good notebook modding community that is very active. I've built custom gaming rigs for years, but my MSI GT780DXR is my first foray into laptop modifications, so I hope to learn a lot on here.
  5. Can anyone who has successfully done the GTX 770M transplant fill me in on whether or not I need to mod my heatsink? I've got a line on a 770M for a good price and I'd like to pull the trigger on it.
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