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  1. I have been using 8740w for four and half years (almost 7/24 on) and it still runs fine. However the cooling is very bad. It struggles to handle the 920xm even without oc
  2. Can this be applied to 2920xm or 3940xm on the qm67, qm77 motherboards? I guess, since the multiplier is locked by the BIOS, we can't even use this method?
  3. Just bought an used 920xm for some extra fun with my old laptop and then I found this thread. Seems that I need to do a lot of cooling mods before overclocking this beast. Even my 840qm is running at ~85C when stressed.
  4. This Chinese guys (a laptop seller) says he successfully installed 980m on a m17x r4. 外星人M17x R4 æˆåŠŸ980M ç¡å‰ä¸€è´´åˆ†äº«_准系统å§_ç™¾åº¦è´´å§ I asked how but he wouldn't tell.
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