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  1. Waiting for Broadwell is not nessesary, the CPU is absolutely not so important for a gaming PC. Hashwell-E, Hashwell, and Ivy Bridge have enough power for all games! Use the money for a better GPU.
  2. 780 Ti is top! ASUS is top! Price is okay compared with a Titan!
  3. Absoluteley 760, it is the better card! Better OC, better temps, newer chip.
  4. Wait some days/weeks for next gen (GTX 980 and 970) and the price for the "older" cards is falling!
  5. And the price for 290x is falling! Nvidia releases GTX 980 and 970 soon. Supposedly nerly 30% off in the next 1-2 Weeks. That ist very attractive
  6. I think the R9 260(X) is the best card for you. This card has enough power for most games (mid settigs) and the TDP is okay
  7. Lenovo ist good, and i never buy a Clevo again! Support is very poor!
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