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  1. I've been looking at Mechanical keyboards recently, and have settled on the Corsair K70. I would also like to grab a mouse along with it. At the local Best Buy, I held the G502, and found it very comfortable. However, I would also like matching peripherals to cut down on the amount of software installed on the machine. How is the M65? Is the G502 worst the extra software? If it helps, I generally use a very flat Claw Grip, as my fingers are very long, so finding a mouse that I can hold as a Palm Grip is rather hard.
  2. I agree with Slayerus -- for gaming laptops at least, the Lenovo Y series has way more bang/buck than most I've seen. Just over $1k for a 860M? 8 Gigs of memory, 4th gen i7? Fantastic deal.
  3. Great laptop, great price. Highly recommended. The one problem I have with the Y500 is the Wi-Fi card. It's only N, rather than AC, and it doesn't have 5 GHz, which is very silly for a gaming laptop.
  4. As of right now, I would suggest the Lenovo Y50. The Y500 (the Y50's predecessor) was highly recommended for a long while, and from what I've heard, the Y50 is even better. However, I suggest sticking with the 1080p version. For one, 4K is naturally overkill on a 15 incher. But, worse--Windows has very wishy-washy 4K support, so I wouldn't count on it. A good model will be about $1k.
  5. I've got a Y500, and the thing works great. Nowadays, they have the Y50 instead, which is basically the same thing but updated with the GPU being 1-upped. With a single 750M, I'm able to play a heavily-modded Skyrim (though no ENBs) at Ultra (FXAA instead of MSAA, however), and get 55-60 FPS rather steadily, if that helps you figure what the power is.
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