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  1. I've been running a small home NAS system for a few years now. When I first got it, I loaded it with some WD Green drives, and they've been pretty sturdy. However, one of them is starting to give me SMART warnings and I'd like to replace it before it brings my little RAID to its knees. Looking around newegg, etc., I'm seeing a class of hard drive that wasn't around when I first setup my NAS: NAS and Enterprise drives. WD and Samsung both seem strong here. I'm wondering, is a hard drive classed as a "NAS Drive" a significant thing? Is there really optimization that helps a drive survive NAS duty, or is it just a label meant to attract customers? Do any NAS owners have experience with this class of drive, and would you recommend it? Thanks!
  2. Star Trek Online. F2P or sub...having the sub helps resist the urge to pay for upgrades. Ground combat sucks, but space combat rocks...and that's what you're really there for.
  3. Hi. New AW17 owner, just opened the box yesterday. As I'm breaking in my system, I had a couple of quick questions. First, my bios is currently at A11. Looking around, I see it's at A13 on Dell's website. Any particular thoughts on if I should upgrade to A13, or stick at A11 for now? The second thing is, I want to run some benchmarks to see how it's running and check the temperatures. Other then 3dMark, what are some good benchmark suites to run? Thanks!
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