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  1. It's not broken. Link is dead. https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=nvflash+for+dos Follow any of the results to download it.
  2. Thank you guys. I'm afraid I do not know which pin is the one with the sensor. All I recall seeing regarding the CPU fan neighboring connectors is two potential candidates with one having 3 pins, and the other having 4. My memory is unreliable, FTR. UPDATE: Some 15 minutes after writing this I decided to restart my computer several times while observing the two fans. What I noticed immediately is that the fan for the 2nd GPU was up and running at full speed none-stop the moment I turned on the laptop. The CPU+GPUx1 fan, on the other hand, continued to run for 1 sec every 2-3 secs at the same time. I manually spinned the CPU fan every time I booted the laptop, several times. On the Nth time (N>6<9>N), it started going full-speed. Running at 60C as we speak on idle, in contrast to the 79C+ it would normally have, in this context.
  3. But I can't understand why it would be so random. Today alone I spent some 15-16 hours playing DOTA 2 at stable FPS of 50-60 running my CPU at no more than 89C. Granted, normally I had a const FPS of 60, prior to when this this started. So if it's fan issue rather than a controller on the MOBO or sensor corrosion or whats to those effects, than why would it behave so efficiently sometimes and so deficiently at other times? I'm no electrical engineer, so forgive me for my ignorance. Just trying to understand what little I can, given my limited knowledge as a lazy power user and the laziest former programmer of them all. Thanks for the help.
  4. Hey guys. I come seeking help. I've began to experience issues with overheating a few months ago whereby my CPU temps would get to 100C before shutting down while playing, the not at all demanding, DOTA 2 at random intervals while occasionally being able to play at relatively stable C (80<). After many a trial and error (from using IdeaFan's app of overriding the fan to disassembling the laptop and repasting the CPU), it suddenly dawned on me that by looking at the now exposed fan (after having cut the plastic covering the fan and removing the dust filter) is spinning for 1 second every 2-3 seconds. However, after the repasting and cleaning of fans, I was able to play for a few days lag free at no more than 68C. But the aforementioned issue has come back. It seems like the fan not spinning was the culprit right from the start. No wonder I was getting temps of up to 88C on idle! So I was hoping someone could tell me what settings I need to set up in the BIOS to get the fan to work at max RPM all the time without it adjusting to the sensors automatically since they're unreliable in my case. Especially given that SW like AIDA64, SpeedFan, and HWMonitor aren't even showing the fans in the sensors. Ty.
  5. Update: Voided my warranty. Reapplied the pasta. Seems to have worked for a day by bringing my temps to a max of 68C as opposed to the former 100C before shutdown. New discovery - the fan seems to be working randomly. Sometimes it runs as it should and I can stay at max 68C without issue for hours+. However, at the same timetable it seems to, even at full CPU burn through, the temps seem to reach 99C and the fan works for 1 second every 2-3 seconds. I'm at a loss for words. I even cleaned up the fan from the inside out while the laptop was dismembered. In addition, I removed the dust protectors at the bottom, and cut out the plastic that was blocking the fans a bit. And I have a cooling pad underneath the bloody thing. :/
  6. Ah fuck it. I'll just mod it myself and reapply the pasta. I'll see what I can reap from the internetz. Bye-bye warranty. Thanks you for the help!
  7. Strange. I had an N53SV for 3.5 years with no issues whatsoever. :/ But if I send it to the techs, I'll have no PC for at least a week. It's been so many years since I was last in a situation like that. . . . I might end up committing suicide. . . . I'm not even sure if I'm kidding. . . . Oh dear mother of god. . . . Oh fuck. . . .
  8. That would be weird. For half a year the fans worked perfectly. I could play any high end game an full or near full graphics for hours with no issues. So why would they be faulty if this only started a month ago? And thank you guys for the feedback.
  9. Turns out, cleaning out the dust did nothing. I came back from work yesterday, and found that the fan was speeding fast for a few seconds every few seconds, as I could hear it. The temps were at 64. I turned on DOTA 2 and the fans stopped speeding, and the CPU got to as high as 98C. Energy manager, showed that the Dust Remover function, was working, but I didn't hear the fan. I'm confused.
  10. Thank you for the reply. Running the program now. Will update when new information is available as to its application. I did take it apart. Everything seemed normal, though ever so slightly dusty. The object is merely half a year old. I did some manual dust cleaning. Seems to have made things a little better, but I can't be sure in the long term. I played 2-3 games yesterday at near-normal FPS (50, should be 60).
  11. Hello allstone, I'd like to report that upon executing ideafan.exe I received the following error: I chose 'no' as a precaution. For documentation I'll state the following: 1. CPU: 4700MQ 2. GPU: 755M SLI 3. RAM: 8GB G.Skill 4. OS: Win 8.1 5. 128GB M4 SSD (Patriot) 6. Since I purchased this device, I was able to play practically any high-end game at full graphics with stable FPS. Until a month ago, when my CPU started spiking increasingly when playing DOTA 2 (which is about as demanding as HF2). This started to affect every other game. At this point I can no longer even play any game because my CPU overheats, reaches 100C, all the while lagging my gaming experience, followed by an auto-reboot. I checked the fan - it's slightly dusty, but not enough to even begin to explain wtf is going on. 7. This is what it looked like before this started happening: Note that the occasional freezes are due to the recording medium. And without the recording I had a stable FPS of 60. At all times. You can see the FPS at the top-right end of the corner. 8. This is the effect: 9. A while after this started happening I reinstalled Win 8.1. It did no good. So I concluded it's a hardware issue, since it affects other games as well. Anyway, my CPU is overheating insanely. Need help. Thank you.
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