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  1. ebay or your reseller. At times its hard to find parts, other times; it's not. I guess it depends on the part.
  2. And now its an online only show - anyone a big fan of the Avatar series slightly annoyed with this? It wouldn't be so bad if my Apple TV had a Nick app but it doesn't ;/
  3. I'm sadly playing GTA V again on my PS3 while I'm trying to fix my np8170 It plays sooooo bad on my old PS3. Speaking of GTA - have you guys seen the latest icenhancer? GTA 4 never looked so good - too bad its a poorly optimized game
  4. Hey Prema, I sent you a PM on NBR so if you happen to look here first, disregard the PM - I'm trying to update my p170hm but I overlooked an important issue - my machine is a 120hz/3D version. Unfortunately I already bought/installed the card but it appears I'm sol. Are there any working BIOS (that won't crash/brick my system) that will allow me to use this card? Thanks for everything.
  5. Sorry to necro this thread - I think I may have screwed up. I bought a 680m for P170HM3 3D 120hz - can it work, if so; how? etc. I thought I had everything figured out until I ran across a thread saying stuff about it not working correct with 3D LCD's.
  6. Saints Row series. If you likes GTA, you'll like this. IMO - its better than GTA because the protagonist is the same in every game and is real funny.
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