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  1. Ganjax

    MSI 16f2 with GTX970m?

    If someone interessed, i have GTX970M 6GB for sell. For 250$. I can flash vbios before send card.
  2. Hi, i need vbios from AW17, i found only OC version, but i need stock, maybe someone have backup of this vbios and can upload? Regards
  3. Thank you, but it is not that, only one version will work, because only one version was released for this card design, mark is "". Unfortunely i can't find it, but slv7 had to build on this vbios OC version so.. somewhere it must be. Size of this bios is 169kb.
  4. It is for Dell AW14, it's absolutely uncompatibility, because card design is diffrent, in result on this vbios get blackscreen and need blindflash. I need non OC bios. slv7 released this bios version overclocked, but i need stock. I really looked everywhere :/
  5. Im looking for STOCK ORIGINAL vBios for Dell AW17 GTX765M vBios, nowhere i can't find it :/ vBios im looking: Please someone, i believe you!
  6. Hi, i need some help. I bought GTX765M to mine G73SW from dell. On vga bios collection is vbios for asus, but after flash it. it does not work, black screen. Currently i'm able to make blind flash because nvflash is booting from pendrive. But still no success. I do commands: nvflash.exe -j -6 -A dell.rom -L log.txt but reason is: Have someone idea what command should i use to flash original dell vbios? i tried -4 -5 -6. tried -5 -6 but after use this commands it dont create any log and still black screen. No idea how to solve it.. i try many many hours.. Please someone. I use NvFlash 5.163 for DOS update: With command : nvflash -4 -5 -6 GTX765M.rom -L log.txt and blind put y/yes i get: Why at last step it's aborted?
  7. Hello all. Can you share working vBios for GTX680M 4GB Clevo version to get working this on my G73SW 2D version? Im looking this for many days but no result, i have already Jh heatsink and stronger ac adapter, now i just need vBios Regards
  8. Hello. I have G73SW laptop, i want upgrade gpu for gtx680m, but im looking vbios for get this setup working, anybody have vbios compatibile with g73sw?
  9. Hello I have a question, i have to buy cheap GTX560M 1.5GB 192bit from MSI (100$) This card will work with G73SW motherboard? Im scary cause i had GTX460M 1.5gb 192bit from Dell and it showed Not Valid MXM structure or not found. There is comatibile vbios to this card from asus what should work with my motherboard? Regards, Igor
  10. Hi svl7! I had upgrade my G73Jh to SW version (motherboard and CPU) Now im using 5870M but memory in stress have huge temps (105+ celsius) tried to cooldown by better thermalpads etc but nothing. I bought GTX460 1,5GB 192bit from Alienware i think. (N11-GS-A1 V235). When i plugged it into mainboard and turned on. POST said: Valid MXM structure not found I think it's vBios problem, maybe that's possible to modify vbios for make it work on ASUS? After 30 sec post count it showed Windows loading logo and after 2 sec it freezed. Thanks for your work!
  11. have you some photos how you modded your heatsink?
  12. Wow, nice, i would upgrade it, but it need many pchysical modifications?
  13. Can tell me someone, what thermal pads i should use for GPU? 0,5mm, 1mm or 1,5mm ? And what company makes best thermal pads?
  14. Yeah, it have DSUB(VGA) port, and it working very well, i use 24" LG IPS monitor, without any problems. Just HDMI don't working. My monitor detect "something" is connected, but behaves as the device is switched off , just blackscreen and "Standby mode" I realy think problem is vbios. G73Jh have default 5870M GPU, and G73SW version have GTX460M. I switched Radeon to SW, and everything working, except hdmi.
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