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  1. Hello guys, ive a asus g75vw. If a do this procedure i will be able to update my gpu card (for a 780m) ?
  2. some specific driver recommendation of the video card or it may be the latest driver? ... For better performance
  3. Tech|Inferno has a minimum 5 quality post rule that all new users must adhere to. The details of this can be found in the forum rules but the basics are as follows: Minimum Post Requirements You must have a minimum of 5 posts to send a private message, download attachment, send another member an e-mail, set a custom avatar, download files from the forum download section or upload photos to a personal album. Any attempt to circumvent this requirement with spam posts, posts questioning the forum rules or e-mail requests for files will result in an infraction. Continued abuse of the forum rule will result in a permanent ban. There will be no appeals made once an administrator or super moderator has banned you permanently from this forum. Reposting any files developed by T|I staff on other sites is forbidden and will result in a permanent ban, please respect the time and effort our staff puts in for you. Alternatively, if you wish to download an attachment and do not have the time or desire to make 5 quality posts, you may opt to upgrade to a T|I Elite Member account which will give you full privileges for a set period of time. Most importantly, please be sure to read the Tech|Inferno forum rules so that you can quickly become acquainted with this forum. We are glad you have chosen to be a part of our community and we hope you enjoy your stay. All the best, so...i think both ....answer or make new!!!!
  4. sorry i got it wrong lolololol , i "think" that the same vBios. like mine, i 660m(asus g75vw) but just have example from DELL(660m). in the first post said : Nvidia 700m series: Nvidia GTX 780m: 'OC edition' -> unlocked overclocking limits, voltage adjustable, power target adjustable, optimized performance at higher clocks Can be used for all current 780m (Clevo, MSI and Dell). Nvidia GTX 770m: 'OC edition' -> see above Nvidia GTX 765m: 'OC edition' -> see above. Refer to the file name to know which version is suited for your syste -------- so i think that can be good for ur 770m too.... but be carefull....lololololol and gl.
  5. hello BezerKr1, Even if I unlock the BIOS, I will not be able to make the OC in my 660m?(ive a asus g75vw ). I dont have money for buy i new pc, i really need to do a good OC for play decently the new games(DarkSouls III).
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