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  1. Ok i will later. No one knows how my laptop got fixed In service they said its unfixable (is it even a word?) but when i recived it back and tried to turn it on it worked. I heard that they replaced CPU with working one for a while, maybe it helped.
  2. Hey, can someone with experience look at my CPU temps?? Gyazo - 33f28908cab653a1660a6c2354ef72b8.png Its really weird because i wasn't even stressing my CPU and temperature went to 100
  3. Is it safe? I mean constant speeding up and down?
  4. I still think its waste of time (i tried everything i could, even changing bios chip) But, when i called to Lenovo there were 3 different people serving me, each other did know my case so if you would call again to Lenovo, probably new guy will talk to you, and you would tell him that your y510p is just not turning on. Of course if they did not remember you or sth
  5. Oh well, in that case do you have warranty? if yes, send your y510p to lenovo If you do not have warranty (that's really odd, but it happens) or u had broken your warranty seals , then... hmm... in my case (i don't have warranty, soo) computer service told that CPU is damaged and they cannot fix it, imagine my suprise when my y510p turned ON after it came back from them I don't know what fixed it, maybe replacing CPU to another laptop restored sth, i also heard that they restored original "power" on motherboard but it did not help... Anyway, if you have warranty, send it immediately to Lenovo, else you will be wasting your time like i did
  6. What exactly did you do? Undervolting in Bios? Error while flashing?
  7. Hmm, yes i have 2.04 again. But other computer service already changed bios (even bios chip) and it did not help, sooo. Maybe replacing CPU helped when they tested it on another laptop.
  8. WHAAAAAA!!! My lenovo is working !!! No one knows why :DDD In service they said that its impossible to repair it cause CPU is damaged Today y510p arrived, i turned it on and BUM ITS FKING WORKING !! Praise the lord
  9. My case is even funnier Today i found out that Lenovo knows nothing about my y510p (only country of origin= Holand).. and they can't register my warranty yet:D so now i need to wait for shop, where i bought y510p (some import seller) to give me their invoice as a proof or sth.. what a mess and final: i was using this laptop for 1 (one) week im gonna cry now cheers guys
  10. If someone would like to know, my CPU is "dead" (they tested it on another laptop). So, do not undervolt via BIOS
  11. So, private service didnt fix my lenovo y510p:D Do any of u know, if lenovo varranty service will fix it, since it doesnt have any lenovo varranty seals? It was like that since i bought it i think..
  12. So, do u know exactly what was the cause? Im still waiting for laptop service
  13. Hahaha another one Anyway, i will know exact cause soon, week maybe. Stay tuned :>
  14. haha that's hilarious now everybody has bricked y510p and i do not have registered warranty yet
  15. Great to hear that, since i was afraid that my CPU is damaged
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