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  1. If you like games that require exploration, Aquaria's a really fun game. It has a great story that reveals more and more at every new area, and the atmosphere adds a lot to the game. It's fairly simple but the music, setting and story make it well worth the buy
  2. I really like the Falskaar mod. It's extremely impressive and adds a lot of new stuff for Skyrim. Although personally I don't have a lot of mods; I usually start a new game if I get bored and try to do different things every single time, like different race, skills, different quests, etc. I tend to find a lot more things that way than continuing the same game.
  3. I really like the "Ys" game series. It's mostly just a lot of killing enemies and they're pretty fast paced. The bosses are really awesome too! My favorite one is Ys: Origin because the game flows very well, and the story is very well done
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