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  1. iDesign

    Constant error

    Hello, i do hope somebody can shed light on the problem im having at the minute. I have searched the internet and found nothing or Windows 8.1 Any additional system information you may require, please ask! I keep getting this error and information in Event Log; Thanks in advance.
  2. Looking at getting the mydigitalssd for my y510p. Anybody know difference between the supercache 1 and supercache 2?
  3. I wouldn't risk it my self, lenovo are type of company to block anything remotely helpful e.g changing wireless cards you can't do. Best of contacting Lenovo.
  4. iDesign

    decent ssd?

    You need to check if your y510p has a ssd slot, as there are rumours of some y510p's not having the ssd slot. Mine does have the slot. - - - Updated - - -
  5. The problem is Youtube, i just played couple songs on soundcloud, and they run at high volume :S just Youtube....
  6. Very weird :S the volume was set at max on youtube, i made sure of that. I looked through the settings, didn't see anything on volume. Tried countless videos on youtube, running at 1080p or 720 no difference
  7. Just downloaded the song with a youtube to mp3 website, so its 128kbps, seems to be loud enough in windows media player, but not google chrome?
  8. I have tried this enabled and disabled, no difference at all, doesn't even tell me to "Apply" settings
  9. Hello, I have the Lenovo y510p using Realtek HD audio (Personally don't like it). From the picture you can see that the sound will not go above half. I have tried different songs and nothing changes. The headphones im using are the Dr Dre Pro's, and they seem louder in my Samsung S4 -.- which isn't right. Hope someone can help me with this, driving me nuts as i like having loud music . Thanks Edit: As you can see from this picture, it will not push above half!
  10. iDesign

    decent ssd?

    Thanks MadMax, ill consider getting this one
  11. iDesign

    decent ssd?

    I'm after a m2 ssd as the y510p has the 8gb ssd built in :/ but I need my 1tb harddrive to store my games on
  12. iDesign

    decent ssd?

    Any idea what the difference between supercache and transcend are? Seeing a big price difference between the two.
  13. iDesign

    decent ssd?

    Thanks for all the replys I think I'll be getting one of the m2 ssd's. What boot times are you getting with the transcend?
  14. iDesign

    decent ssd?

    I have the lenovo y510p. Boot times are not its best point. What are people's recommendations on a good ssd? Thanks!
  15. Uninstall the beta driver then install the official working driver. Clean your fans just to be sure
  16. iDesign

    brown fan wire

    Does anybody know where I can buy the brown wire that comes out of my fan? I just need for a extention for my fan mod but can't find any :/ Any help much appreciated. Ps: could it be UK based pls
  17. Did you update to the beta driver or the official driver? I updated to the beta drivers and it was giving me problems the same as you. If you are on the official drivers the. Uninstall your driver and reinstall it. You have the 750m or 755m sli?
  18. Been wondering this for some time now.. How comes Lenovo's power management "Dust removal" make connection with i'm guessing bios to control the fan speed? Or control the fan speed in any way at all. There must be some sort of exploit in that software. For example; when clicking "Dust removal" the exploited version would run the fans constantly, not on and off like it does. I hope someone can shed some light on this to either help or to put my mind at rest, as I've tried to decompile the software but I Ai t got a clue xD Thanks!
  19. I was looking into this, cutting the brown wire coming from the fan to the pmw, adding a simple on and off switch so when playing games on goes the switch, off when normal stuff yet to decide if I should do this.
  20. Hello all I'm hoping somebody can help me out ! I have the Lenovo y510p with nvidia 755m sli. What I am after is the advanced tab in the bios settings, all I really need is fan control, that is it. I'm running 3.05 (74cn44ww) I do not mind if I have to downgrade my bios version, just need this fan control! Many thanks to anybody than can help!
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