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  1. Ahh the old reflashing trick has always saved me from bricked hardware
  2. So i had to send my y410p out for repairs to replace a motherboard due to a pretty bad fall I get it back and now when the laptop is under heavy load(ex gaming) the screen will flicker, horizontal lines of static, then go black. The temperatures have gotten significantly higher(10-15C more) than before. Maybe its a thermal paste issue? I really wouldnt like to send it back right now since Im a computer science student
  3. I was thinking about purchasing an ultrabay graphics card for my y410p,. replacing it with the stock cd/dvd drive, and going SLI with it Anyone ever do the same thing before, I wanna know if its worth the $250? Also are the y500 series ultraybays interchangable with the y400 series ones, might as well get the gtx755M if thats the case
  4. I was wondering if theres any software that would be able to manually control the fan speeds on Y series notebooks speedfan and other software doesnt detect the fan. BIOS, no luck Is there any driversavailable to do this
  5. I have not personally dont this but my friend bought a y580p with a similar upgrade for about $200 There is definetly a better difference than the glossy screen on the yseries notebooks. I personally dont have a problem with it but i can definetly see inprovements with the different screen I wouldn't say that $165 is worth it but thats my own opinion
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