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  1. If you use a notebook, maybe running with too high fps could get you computer hot. If you limit it, it can save battery and also cool it a little bit, beause when you gets the fps free, the computer will try to run at the maximum possible.
  2. i have a y580, and looks like you can't get the brightness to 0. It depends of your windows version and if all the drivers are installed. Please check that
  3. doesn't Y580 have dual bios? did it bricked because of bios update?
  4. Lenovo has considerably low price rigs that has nice hardware. I recommend it!
  5. nice! i was looking for that. after doing some cleaning, and changing the thermal paste, my maximum temps got lower anyway, i still think 580's cooling scheme is pretty bad i had to use an cooling pad otherwise all my games gets low fps
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