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  1. I had this problem as well with a Western Digital drive in the caddy when used in place of the DVD drive, the solution I found online was to use a Seagate drive (Seagate's still have jumper pins) and install a jumper that would lock the drive to SATA I speeds. Once I did this my drive performance became consistent. Just as an FYI, the Seagate exhibited the same performance problems as the WD did when I tried to use it without the jumper.
  2. So I see that installing an SSD in the caddy was discussed but did anyone give it a try. For awhile I had a 240GB SSD as my primary drive and a 500GB harddrive in the caddy. I must note that I used a Seagate drive that had jumpers to get past the issue with the drive going to sleep during extended data transfers. The first drive I tried in the caddy was a Wester Digital Blue? but that one would go to sleep after awhile and thats when I read about using the Seagates. In any case, I purchased a much larger SSD drive not that prices are dropping and would like to stick my 240 GB in the caddy. I know that speeds are limited to SATA I speeds but for those that did this, did your SSD "go to sleep" during extended data transfers?
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