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  1. Hey can someone help me, and share their stock ultrabay and non ultrabay vbios files? I lost mines....
  2. Very nice! Still I would prefer if my fans would work with the program 24/7 if it's on. Still great job m8!
  3. Is there any way to make them constantly running?
  4. Hey, which cooling pad do you suggest for y510p with 750M SLI?
  5. The funny thing is that im on modded v3.05 bios now... and ultrabay gpu vbios is flashed, am i doing something wrong?
  6. I can flash only one vbios... i0 option wont flash my vbios, nothing happens. only with i1 option i can flash my vbios
  7. this is how it is supposed to look when i flash modded vbios?
  8. why do we need 305mod.bin file? As I can see it isnt used by *.bat files
  9. CAn any one please post full tutorial what to do? Step by step?
  10. So ok, i need stock v3.05 and all i need is to flash from usb a new modded bios?
  11. So it's all fine with the mod? im here on v3.05 i need to go to v2.07 ar smnthg like that?
  12. Hello. I was wondering what progress is on unlocking that v2.07 bios? Or maybe there's a TUT how to downgrade to v1.xx?
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