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  1. If you want to modify the settings for powermizer, you can use the tool at https://app.box.com/shared/v7jpoateoq which will add the registry settings for it. You can have it enabled for battery and off on ac or whatever you want. Why you'd want to play games on the batter is beyond me (my opinion) because the battery *might* last an hour at most? heh
  2. I've noticed that this lappy gets a bit hotter than my asus g750jw, but probably just because it doesn't have 2 big ass fans exhausting out the back. I am also running the 755m in SLI whereas the asus is a single card so that might be something. I've not found that I really *need* a laptop cooler, but I do have the antec laptop cooler stand for it. Mainly it is just used to bring the laptop a little off the desk so I can have it hooked up to the other monitors at my desk and so it's out of the way.
  3. I actually just got a y510p the other day and I'm finding that Lenovo is rather annoying with their locked bios. I guess I'll be flashing the modded BIOS to my laptop so I can change out the wireless card to something else. I have the option between wireless cards. I have a Broadcom 4352 wireless ac card and a 7260HMW dual band N600 card I can use. Do you guys know if the 7260 would require a modded bios or not or does it really just depend on the info on the card?
  4. I've always been partial to Antec (always had good luck with them). I use the antec laptop cooling stand (Amazon.com: Cooling Mini-Workstation NOTEBOOK COOLER STAND By: Antec Inc Fiber Optic Cables: Office Products) so it will sit up from the desk a little. We actually get them for our graphics department at work for all of their macbook pros. You can change the fan on it to something a bit more powerful if you like. Never had a problem with them. My y510p with SLI 755m's runs just fine on it.
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