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  1. After testing with multiple games, I can confirm that your BIOS did the trick. The card never throttles and is stable at 1200mhz with 1,21v. Thank you once again.
  2. Hi. Thank you for your time and effort. The card does not appear to be throttling, but as you reduced the voltages I cannot take the voltage above 1.125v with Afterburner (mod tools won't work for me) so I cannot say for sure. ((edit: nevermind, using NVIDIA inspector)). I tried modding your BIOS with Kepler to solve the voltage issue (I know, bad idea) and the card wouldn't boot but I reflashed it with integrated video and it's working normally now. I will test it with a few more games and report back.
  3. I'm in the same situation as you guys. I have a gtx 780 with vbios. There doesn't seem to be any version of MSI gaming available in this thread. For those of you who own this card (gtx 780 gaming), don't waste your time with the Kepler tools (1.26 and 1.27). They don't work well with this card and can't be used to remove the throttlig that will happen if you run at higher frequency and voltage. I have found that the card even throttles according to FAN speed. So the card will actually run faster if you let it run at 78 degress or so instead of increasing fan speed.
  4. Performance-wise they seem to be the same as the latest beta drivers. I did not see any improvement. They apparently add support for Watch Dogs, though.
  5. Save electricity? Why produce unnecessary fps?
  6. Hello all. I'm a systems analyst who's always been interested in hardware and specially graphic cards. I always like to tweak and configure my rigs to run at the best, squeezing the last drop of performance. I hope to learn and teach in this forum.
  7. Hi guys. I need a vbios with boost (and throttling) disabled and voltage up to 1.3v for my msi twin frozr GTX 780. Original bios: http://www.filedropper.com/gtx780
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