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  1. Can you solder? You need help to solder (I can!)? Or you want to do it the easy way?
  2. Haha, sorry the post was supposed to go into a PM, not this thread So, regarding your questions: - Keep in mind that you only have TB1 and a GTX 980 might an overkill, still a good choice - the PSU is fine! - Yes, both 6-Pin PCIe plugs will provide up to 75W, but the PCIe slot (e.g. in the AKiTiO) will provide 75W as well Since the AKiTiO PSU is only rated to deliver 60W, you will have to provide power from a different source. Best source is the already used EVGA PSU. You can make an adapter with 2x Molex -> barrel plug or even better from the 8-Pin EPS ATX plug -> barrel plug. The barrel plug has to be 2.5 and 5.5mm! If you do not want to solder get the Molex/EPS plugs/extensions and a barrel plug with screw terminals. For a better understanding please read my basic guide: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/7947-the-basic-egpu-hardware-guide-for-macs/ Since you are from The Netherlands, I could link you to parts from german shops (if you want to).
  3. You need Thunderbolt on both ends! USB is not gonna work.
  4. Sure, should be totally fine. Especially because the Elite 130 is not a 100$ case
  5. I didn't find a way. Had to try multiple boots as well sometimes.
  6. So you didn't go with a 90° riser and instead cut the case to make the flex riser fit?
  7. no idea. Could also come trough the TB port :/
  8. Maybe anything from the eGPU is sending eletcro magnetic waves...
  9. That statement is 1,5 years old. Now we know it works! And yes. You only need the barrel plug mod OR the powered riser. One of that and the 6/8-Pin for GPU itself.
  10. Not sure if a 200 card will work in OSX at all. That 960 should work for sure.
  11. What? ^^ Try both riser... one of them should work. And like I said before: You will need a riser with a 90° angle! Here you can see the parts that I used: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/6198-2013-13-macbook-pro-gtx97016gbps-tb2-akitio-thunder2-win81osx1010-dschijn/
  12. 1. No, never! All power should come from one single source. USing the 60W PSU works, but will cause instability and can damage your hardware. 2. That depends on the riser. Most people do not have any problems, even with cheap riser. I strongly recommend to power the AKiTiO directly from the big PSU with an 2xMolex -> barrel adapter or an 8-pin EPS ATX -> barrel adapter. Please keep in mind that you will need an angled riser if you use the Elite 130!
  13. He got a ViDock offered... not an AKiTiO based eGPU. Should be fine for a 750Ti.
  14. @zanoni Can you place the eGPU and especially the PSU away from your audio setup? Also seperate the PSUs of both of them. Is the AKiTiO case closed? Only under 3d load?
  15. With my very basic knowledge I would say you forgot a "space": -bash: cd: /Users/user/Desktop sudo
  16. Can upgrade from 8.1 to 10, yes. Thats what I did. eGPU work for me in both Windows versions.
  17. Huh... is it a "normal" Bootcamp installation? Maybe Windows 8.1 might work better for you?
  18. I had my GTX970 running with a big OC without problems on the DA-2. I guess the DA-2 is just a better PSU with capacitors that can handle short peak loads much better.
  19. Well... http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-750-ti-review,3750-20.html Edit: Plus I am very sure that EVGA is NOT using a stock BIOS on the card. They always increase clock speeds and mostly the power target as well. No GPU on the market is running with Nvidias stock settings. Increasing the power target is mainly done to allow the card to boost higher.
  20. Yeah all of the 120W PSUs are tempting, but it seems like they can't hold up under high loads. Maybe consider a Dell DA-2 220W with a custom adapter. It's big and bulky but ca even power a GTX970.
  21. You can go even up to a GTX 970. But for cards with PCIe power will need a more moddified adapter. PN me if you need help with that
  22. Try and find a Dell DA-2 220W on eBay, they should be quite cheap. With that you would need a 6-Pin PCIe extension and a barrel plug to solder or with screw terminal. (The 6-Pin PCIe extension is just a cheap adapter you can cut and rewire to make the propper connection to the barrel plug)
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