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  1. Hey I have a W370SS and on normal usage that fan is absolutely silent, unless you manually set the fan to maximum speed then that's when you start to hear it. (Or if for some reason you're playing a game that the laptop finds resource intensive) (I've yet to play a game and have the fan reach maximum speed)
  2. I will pay you for it!, are you aware of any other resources available for the W370SS?
  3. So at the moment I have to stay with the default limited Bios?
  4. The screws are usually located underneath the speaker cover, just pop it out with a flathead screw driver.
  5. I've been looking for a stylish case (NZXT) and a small one, you would think that someone would have made a case that's fairly decent whilst maintaining a small size. Looking to fit a HD Radeon 7970 in it with some cable management, anyone have suggestions?
  6. Hey there! Awesome work with the Bios mods, I was wondering I recently purchased a Metabox W370SS, is there an equivalent to this? If there isn't consider this a request
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