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  1. to continue my problem from before. everything installs ok. app is running in processes however i cant get the settings in the app to open. i dont see the skin or theme come up and nothing in the crash log. .net is updated to the latest p170sm-a model with prema mod bios installed.
  2. ok so today I popped a heat sync out of an old blade server. Less then 5 mm thick and used a hack saw to cut is the the size of the ssd. it barely fits under the cover but my idle temps dropped from 64c to 56c then with max fans on it goes down to 44c. ill post pick when ever i get around to opening it again.
  3. i unfortunately cannot get this program to function on my sager np8278-s on win7 pro with the latest hotkey v2.24.28. idk if i am doing something wrong.
  4. I have a sager np8278-s with the crucial 240gb mstat ssd. im getting fairly high temps at idle ~65c so any demand on it raises the temp to +70c so i throttles down speed. Does anyone know of a heatsink or anything that would improve temps with out adding a chilling pad.
  5. Hello i to am also new to the forms hopefully i meet some good knowledgeable people. i got a sager 8278-s and am loving it.
  6. Quick question i have the p170sm aka sager NP8278-s is the bios the same for the new p170sm that is posted on the first page?
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