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  1. Hi Prema Just a question regarding ME FW - I have a P150SM-A and have the following version but notice in the OP there is now a version ME_9.1.2.1010_Win.rar - My Bios and EC is as your Stock version on OP (P15xSM-A_33_33_Stock.rar) - Can i update this ME FW to the version showing on your OP and also is there any side effects that we should be careful about? Also i know you don't give ETA, but is the P150SM-A Bios being looked at using your famous mind to produce one of these fantastic BIOS's? i had a look through the whole 167 pages but could not see any notes about it!! ( ill now get back to some easy reading after this thread - LOTR Trilogy!) Many Thanks
  2. Just downloaded from your site and works brilliantly much better than the stock version and looks slicker, Many Thanks Savvas
  3. Has anyone upgraded a Graphics card on the P150SM-A? i have at the moment a 870m (6GB version) but would like to know if its possible to upgrade to the 880m? Also is it worth it? or could i OC the 870m using Perma BIOS and what would be best prog to do the OC? The reason i ask is the shop i bought it from does not give this upgrade as an option (but was available on initial buy), also the cards are readily available from well known e-bidding sites. I have done this lots with desktops but not Laptops If it is possible, is it a simple swap (including re-pasting) or more in dept bios settings etc? Just Curious and like tinkering! Thanks in advance
  4. DMC

    New SAGER/Clevo Group

    I have a Clevo P150SM-A, I7 4700, 870M GTX, 250GB Samsung EVO 840, 8GB Kingston Hyper, Killer wireless 1202. Just need a few more posts to join, if i pass the test!
  5. Just a quick question regarding Temp Readouts, what program do you all use to see the Temps and which one is the most accurate? Many Thanks
  6. Brilliant, many thanks Perma
  7. Hi Prema Looking forward to testing/using the BIOS on my new shiny P150SM-A (although it will be after 5 posts! i always get stuck after the first post with what to say , ill try and think of 4 jokes). I'm assuming we need to backup the old bios/download it (although i cannot find it anywhere on the Clevo website (seems a very basic website to me!). Just in case of me doing something wrong! Sorry if this has been asked before, just 165 pages to read through!! Many Thanks
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