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  1. i have i7 3610qm. also with the current drivers i'm running the gpu throttling is not working, neither is boost clock, but that doesn't matter if i'm overclocked. I have little experience with CPU overclocking. edit: It is at 3100 maxed atm, I think I'm going to have to go into the bios for any more.
  2. I'm going to mod my vbios today and do some testing on this as well, thanks for the quick response. I'm guessing you use throttlestop for cpu ocing, is that a good place to start for that? I'm looking to increase my cpu to at least 3.5 for wii emulation, because they dont use more than one core for cpu, one for gpu , and one for sound, do you think that my temperatures will be reasonable?
  3. I was wondering if underclocking the gpu mem by about 750 would bring down heat for a better core clock? i never seem to need to utilize the full mem speed in any games i play anyhow.
  4. Well, something odd happened with my computer, i used to have the 67 throttle but lately it seems to throttle around 73, idk if its just wrong on the temperature, but it is strange because i haven't done anything to it.
  5. is this pertaining to when you select the integrated as the physx device or both, because i only get jumps when it is in cpu mode.
  6. I have a similar issue with the right hinge, i just dont open and close my laptop as often anymore, only when im bringing it along with me.
  7. so the move to A13 is safe for this procedure? I had heard a few weird issues arising from A13.
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