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  1. What games did you bot? I used to bot a few games, most of which inevitably got the ban hammer. As far as my Y510P temps, I've always stayed well below T Junction. I really want to get a cooling pad, mostly so my laptop will stop sucking sheets when I have it on the bed watching a movie.
  2. How much did you pay for your GT750M5? I don't know if this will work, but Lenovo offers a GT755m5 for $99 when you buy a Y510P. So if you didn't buy yours too long ago, try calling sales and asking if they'll still give you one for the discounted price.
  3. In your "Power Saving" advanced settings, what is your Processor power management > System cooling policy set to? Passive or active? I'm not sure how Passive works, but I've always been under the impression that it doesn't activate the fan until the CPU reaches a higher temperature.
  4. I just received my Y510p + SLI GT755. I was contemplating redoing the thermal paste, I think since Ghoul found they didn't do an incredible job on it, I'll crack her open. Ghoul, was there anything being cooled via thermal pad?
  5. I had this issue as well, though on my Y510p. It only happened to me while I was on battery, which meant my power settings changed to operate in "unplugged" mode. It is indeed an issue with the "Lenovo Power Management" software. You can try uninstalling it, but I'd recommend playing around with the settings along with windows power options settings. Since I was able to get the choppiness to go away with changing settings, there might be need for concern if you try many setting combinations without improvement. For those of you who have uninstalled the software suite and are still having issues, I think it's because the "Lenovo ACPI-Compliant Virtual Power Controller" is still installed. Try going into device manager > System Devices and uninstalling it.
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