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  1. It worked! Also, just to make sure, did your laptop automatically reboot after typing EC?
  2. Thanks for replying! I'll try that later today (some pictures would be good :P). Also, hopefully the program I linked you to helped
  3. No actually. . . I know this doesn't have anything to do with your problem but, I'm just wondering how you were able to boot up the modded BIOS through your USB, since my USB won't show up in BIOS or boot options. Mind helping me out? Also, unfortunately, even with the modded BIOS, it still won't let you change the fan speed of your Y510P. The closest you can get to fan control is in this page:
  4. Hi guys! So recently, I've been trying to make the BIOS Whitelist mod by svl7 work, because I really need to downvolt my GPU's but nVidia Inspector just won't let me. I've been able to follow the steps correctly until I reached the step where you were required to boot up the modded BIOS using a formatted USB. The problem was that the USB didn't show up in the BIOS and boot options, even though I formatted the USB correctly to FAT32. Also, I'm running Windows 10, if that helps. Anyone know why this is? If so, please help me. Thanks
  5. Unforunately not. . . at least in my case. I'm stuck at the step when it says to boot the USB because it doesnt show up in the boot menu. I think it's related to my Y510P running Windows 10, but I'm not entirely sure because no one replied to my post yet ;(
  6. Sadly, I've tried that. I'm not sure whether it's a problem with SanDisk USB's so I'll get to testing other USB's soon. Hey, since you're having trouble downloading the files, I found a link that might help you with that http://www.thecosmosphere.com/how-to-remove-bios-wlan-whitelist-from-lenovo-y410py510p/ Also, please update me if you're able to make the mod work. Thanks!
  7. There was an earlier post addressing this. He said to make a folder in your C drive named "fptw64". Next, you open a command prompt in administrator mode and type: cd\fptw64 Then, type: backup After doing all of those, you can find the "bios" file in the fptw64 folder!
  8. Can someone help me? I'm actually stuck at the part where you have to boot the modded 3.05 bios from the USB, right after the step where you needed to downgrade to 2.07. I've been trying to boot the bios from the USB but the USB doesnt show up in BIOS. Thanks in advance. Edit: I'm on Windows 10 if that helps. . .
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