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  1. Ok so I wanna try this mod with my Y510p, as I can no longer run throttlestop to disable the BD-HOT or whatever it's called due to the recent Windows 10 Insider builds. I'm on 3.08. Basically do I just rollback to 3.05 and then follow the instructions right? Thanks!
  2. Yes, it is a V8, and I have it connected in the mini pci-e slot since my laptop doesn't have the ngff connector since I have the non-ssd version. I should also point out I'm not using the delay switch and it is connected normally to the PSU (4 pin CPU and 20 pin ATX connector to the EXP GDC 8-pin adapter). Then I ran DDU to uninstall the laptop drivers and I installed the desktop driver v372.70. Anything higher produces the Code 43 error lots of people have experienced.
  3. I got the EXP GDC Beast and installed an Nvidia 1060 3GB. Works at PCI Express 2.0 x1, and there's no need to install a modded BIOS. Playing Forza Motorsports Apex the framerate was approximately 40fps
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