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  1. Is v1.10 compatible with y510p with 755m or am I restricted to v2.04/7? If it is compatible can anyone get me a download link?
  2. ajaniv

    Y410p/Y510p GPU fan control?

    Just tried AIDA for 2 hours with everything checked (CPU/GPU/Memory/Cache/Disk) its around 86-87C with the script and 92-93C without it (ambient temp 40C). The pauses increases the temp by 3C, if I had SLI then the script probably isn't worth it. Let hope Erni3 comes up with a better one. And thanks for the PS2 suggestion, it is indeed awesome:)
  3. ajaniv

    Y410p/Y510p GPU fan control?

    I don't have Planetside 2, but I will try running AIDA64 for a longer duration. How long do you suggest?
  4. ajaniv

    Y410p/Y510p GPU fan control?

    I just tried AIDA64 with the script, idle temp for my system is 43C, without the script the core temp is 86-87C, with the script it is around 80-81C. During the pauses the temp rises to 83C then comes back down to 80C. I have a y510P 4700MQ with 755m single GPU.
  5. ajaniv

    Y410p/Y510p GPU fan control?

    Have you tried using the program and script on this thread? Y510p Ultimate Cooling Mods Revealed...Unshroud yo... - Lenovo Community

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