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  1. Thanks that really helped. Are the ones sold by Nexoc the clevo ones? - - - Updated - - - EDIT: I sent them an email and they confirmed it is the clevo model. Thanks again Scerate.
  2. Guys, has anyone tested the 980m on an Alienware M15x?
  3. Thanks chap. Any other seller that you know guys?
  4. I'm looking to buy a 970m or 980m but I see very little or no choice to get it online from an European seller to avoid taxes? Laptopmonkey, HIDevolution or RJtech are all based outside Europe. Any other sellers that you know? Thanks
  5. That looks damn fuckin class! How the heck did you do it????? Also, what did you have to do to get the 970m running? Do you get any throttling?
  6. Does anybody know where to get those rubber bumpers that go in the palm rest? Mine are gone and I'd be nice to replace them. Found them in ebay but they are freakin expensive
  7. That worked!!!! I owe a pint to the guy who came up with that. Thanks!
  8. Does anybody experienced problems with adjusting the brightness on win 8 + 6970m? Mine will always stay at max brightness
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