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  1. Hey did you get your hdd? I am sorry for my late reply I just been taking photos the protesting and other stuff, I cannot do it, a friend of mine will do it hopefully he works in IT. My other friend who usually builds my desktop just too busy. So which is better for me then and also should I get the 700 watt power supply that Eurocom made? You ever tried it, it pricey though. How about the throttling issues with the GTX 980m or a single one and I saw that the dual 980s the display port runs at 1.1 instead of 1.2? Very weird, with the 1060 it's 1.1. Or should I get the 1070 though it is a pain in the behind. I really don't want to restart my machine too just play games to change it in the bios lol. Compromises damn. Do you know a website I can get these things, besides Eurocom there prices are way too high, I play mostly new games, sometimes I go back play older games, like the dolphin emulator. It was weird overclocking it without throttlestop had full power, also turned off cstates, use throttlestop it was at 2.5 ghz no matter what lol. I plan to use an external monitor most likely a 144hz benq, can I use the mini dp to hdmi for full gysnc? I uderstand about your life, you'll be able too. Did Australia have a lockdown, were you stuck at home? Also Quadro graphics are they any good, I had one with my Dell Precision M6400 a long time ago. You have any plans for the new Alienware area 51m R2 or M15R3?
  2. Just I was joking around about one person I was feuding with, this is a very long time ago 10 years lol. I did make a new account once but they banned me again for double accounts they are so terrible. Super dictatorial, I emailed them last year and they didn't even answer me. They even wanted to ban mrfox for saying stuff like he doesn't use any sort of virus protection and neither do I. Even my friend that works in IT for a community college doesn't lol. I'd love to be back on there I have the Asus Zephyrus Gx 501 too and since I still have the machine and I plan too be getting even older alienware machines and maybe the alienware m15 r3 oled screens are amazing in laptops. I have an oled lg tv for the last five years. So have you tried like 2tb or lower msata does it work? I have the red chassis. You have the gtx 1060 right? Do you have the same problem with the power losing with your gpu? How does it run with newer 2019 and 2020 games? I really wanna upgrade the graphics card and It has been overheating the cpu it shut down recently when I was playing and recording Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered. I am horrible with taking computers, electronics apart I break things very frustrating. Also how about gtx 970 or 980 sli?
  3. The ban or the budget for updated graphics? It does look like a lot of work. Best to get a second one for that. I was reading that even with gtx 1060 and 1070 couldn't use the internal display? How about 1060 sli?
  4. Yes I did see that on there. It is definitely exciting but a lot of modification. Not easy and isn't there the issue with the screen won't work with newer graphics cards? How about using an external display? I will definitely will be doing something like that in the future. Money won't be an objective I just am not good with fixing hardware. Have to get someone to do it for me. Also I'd love to join notebookreview again but they are just so ban happy.
  5. I just looked it up and your right it is very rare. But you gotta keep trying regardless. It is still an amazing machine. The gtx 1070 is rock solid gpu still. I have a gtx 1070ti in my desktop. How about the rtx mobile series did they work at all?
  6. I am still using Windows 7 just updated windows update, I just use my Alienware M18XR2 for home theater, I do have a desktop so anyway I do want to see what can do gaming benchmarking, can i update to W10 without any issues? Also still on 345.20, tried running Ghost Recon Wildlands crashes really badly.
  7. The game runs very smooth of course i am overclocking the gpu the gt555, graphics are a bit better but it's the same average models and designs they always use.
  8. Happy they brought back the storyline of Mason, and pretty interesting so far but i really need to knock out i'll play the game later lol.
  9. I am going to try these out now on my x51 playing black ops 2 and when hitman absolution and Assassins Creed III comes out and some other games like Borderlands 2.
  10. Yeah i am excited for Black Ops 2 and it's interesting to see the storyline entailing with what has been going on with the drones that having been flying in the cities skies to in relation the game and the present, and i am happy that have been working on better graphics, and hopefully like Treyarch has said that they have been working on a longer and more better single player campaign which is something i really look forward for! The COD series has always been for me just something to play for a short time for a quick 10 hour or so fps campaign. I normally never play online barely just have been more of an online player, Now Medal of Honor Warfighter i am so looking forward to playing when it comes out soon enough! I am very happy to try it out
  11. So did you play it? Did you play the Leviathan DLC? Are you excited for the Omega DLC?
  12. Did you play all the side missions in ME1? It's very important it shows truly how demented Cerberus was, and just in general some good fun.
  13. Yes that is correct but for you to really enjoy the series you have to go through all three of them! Extra dialogue options and just in general feels more right and less hollow by a new game.
  14. Yeah i totally agree with you been going through my third playthrough and excited to choose a newer ending.
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