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  1. I am still using Windows 7 just updated windows update, I just use my Alienware M18XR2 for home theater, I do have a desktop so anyway I do want to see what can do gaming benchmarking, can i update to W10 without any issues? Also still on 345.20, tried running Ghost Recon Wildlands crashes really badly.
  2. freedomofthedarkendheart

    [MOBILE/DESKTOP] nVidia 310.33 R310 Beta Driver

    The game runs very smooth of course i am overclocking the gpu the gt555, graphics are a bit better but it's the same average models and designs they always use.
  3. freedomofthedarkendheart

    Call of Duty black ops 2

    Happy they brought back the storyline of Mason, and pretty interesting so far but i really need to knock out i'll play the game later lol.
  4. freedomofthedarkendheart

    [MOBILE/DESKTOP] nVidia 310.33 R310 Beta Driver

    I am going to try these out now on my x51 playing black ops 2 and when hitman absolution and Assassins Creed III comes out and some other games like Borderlands 2.
  5. freedomofthedarkendheart

    Call of Duty black ops 2

    Yeah i am excited for Black Ops 2 and it's interesting to see the storyline entailing with what has been going on with the drones that having been flying in the cities skies to in relation the game and the present, and i am happy that have been working on better graphics, and hopefully like Treyarch has said that they have been working on a longer and more better single player campaign which is something i really look forward for! The COD series has always been for me just something to play for a short time for a quick 10 hour or so fps campaign. I normally never play online barely just have been more of an online player, Now Medal of Honor Warfighter i am so looking forward to playing when it comes out soon enough! I am very happy to try it out
  6. freedomofthedarkendheart

    Mass Effect 3

    So did you play it? Did you play the Leviathan DLC? Are you excited for the Omega DLC?
  7. freedomofthedarkendheart

    Mass Effect 2

    Did you play all the side missions in ME1? It's very important it shows truly how demented Cerberus was, and just in general some good fun.
  8. freedomofthedarkendheart

    Mass Effect 2

    Yes that is correct but for you to really enjoy the series you have to go through all three of them! Extra dialogue options and just in general feels more right and less hollow by a new game.
  9. freedomofthedarkendheart

    Mass Effect 3

    Yeah i totally agree with you been going through my third playthrough and excited to choose a newer ending.
  10. freedomofthedarkendheart

    OFFICIAL: Alienware M11x-R1 Owners Lounge

    I hope you fixed your M11X and funny side topics with old hardware.
  11. freedomofthedarkendheart

    Would you take this M11x?

    Go for the R3 way more update to date!
  12. freedomofthedarkendheart

    Alienware X51

    Alright so i have been using the Alienware X51 for the last few months, after i got the replacement i don't have anymore issues it does annoy me that i was sent a dud and waited so long for it to come after a few delays its a reason why i never liked ordering directly from Dell unless from the outlet. Yes it really stinks that they downclocked the cpu's turbo boost from 3.8 to 3.5 a fair trade off for the price your paying which isn't bad. My cpu's turbo boost is also clocked at 3.1 or so. I do want to do upgrades for the cpu to the ram, and hard drive one day but we all must understand that not everyone has the budget to buy a new machine every time there is a new revision, i wish i had the ability to do so but this desktop was really my only option to have the best i can just for some type of gaming. I have overclocked the gpu pretty high and i get fairly much beneficial performance jumps with all the newest games, i always get the newest nvidia updates.
  13. freedomofthedarkendheart

    Alienware X51

    Yeah i got it now having fraking pink screen's of death idiot really idiotic why these people rush these products out without truly testing it out, it happens mostly when full screening on youtube i am running the newest drivers for nvidia, i overclock here and there when needed. Yes i want to get the i7 2600 i only have the Core i5 it's very fast i love it but yeah eventually to have plenty and the best the 2600 is the best option and i will have to read about the newest cards and have a power draw of only 150w, i will have to look into fast 1.35v ram, they say max is 8 but the alien optosy says 16 so annoying why they always do that. You could always get the dream color screen mod it with that, akimoix however you spell his name he did that with the M18X but yeah go for the ips m6600 best option also, check out the HP ZR2740W pretty high res ips for 800 dollars. Added after 7 minutes: Also when i run a clean install of nvidia graphics driver update the screen goes blank and i really can't really do a clean install very frustrating, i don't want to be installing new graphics ontop of each other there's a new one out.
  14. freedomofthedarkendheart

    Bring back 16:10 (RGB) screens for AW systems - vote!!

    No money for a IPS currently, i got the X51, took a while to ship out, I love it, but now having a pink screen of death!! God so annoying what these idiots don't test out the product fully before shipping out?? They had plenty of time and it was delayed a few times very very frustrating. One day an IPS monitor, really liking the HPZR2740W, pretty good price but that's gonna be a while. The high end textures with texmod and Mass Effect 1-3 run way more smoother with Nvidia in general and the card is very easy to overclock and cinema mod is even more awesomer, i have it with a Core i5 didn't have enough to get a i7 2600 one day i will upgrade the card to a 560 ti and cpu.
  15. freedomofthedarkendheart

    [BETA][MOBILE/DESKTOP] AMD CCC 12.4 preview & Open CL 1.2 beta

    Thank you! I am going to try these out on my R2 and G73JH see how it goes difference etc..

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