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  1. MSI Afterburner runs on every card. I have tried the capturing some time ago, but i needed a SSD to capture without lags in 1080p.
  2. Is anyone able to run this game with 1GB of VRAM?
  3. You can try MSI Afterburner. It's free and there a lot of options, but there will be a performance loss. How high depends on your settings in Afterburner. DxTory is also a good capturing programme.
  4. Racer1

    Gtav on pc

    I played it on PS3 and it's great. On PC it will be even better. Can't wait for it. I think I need a better graphics card
  5. How hot does the GTX 770M get? I think the die is not fully covered with the stock heatsink. Are you sure that a GTX 675MX works with this notebook? I have a Medion Erazer X6819 based on the MS-16F2.
  6. I'm using Noiseblocker Black Silent Pro PL-PS on my Corsair H50. They are really quiet and extremely powerful.
  7. Racer1

    Laptop Cooler

    I also have a Notepal U3. With my old laptop (Acer Aspire 8735G) it was a really big difference. I think about 10-15 degrees. With my new MS-16F2 barebone it's not a big difference. I think it really depends on the fan layout and the ventilation holes on the bottom.
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