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  1. Hi @Dunder_Mifflin, Do you need the A14 Bios? I have the file "AW17A14_VAS00A14.fd" (which is the BIOS A14) and the "AW17A15_VAS00X64.fd" (newest BIOS). If you want them send me a PM it's about 9,45 MB. Cheers
  2. Hello Quark, I'm currently running A15 Bios (installed in 26/04) and so far it's ok. I didn't noticed any performance loss.
  3. Thank you so much, this was the information I was searching.
  4. Hello @ll_r1d0_ll, My case is a little different, see AW17 (2014, Radeon R9 M290X) GPU Upgrade to 980M. My GPU is not working anymore and I wanted upgrade my GPU to a 980m, but I don't feel comfortable with using Windows with "Disabled Sign Enforcement". Is there someway to install "official drivers"? Maybe modifying the UEFI Bios and adding the driver of some 980m? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello, Recently, my Radeon R9 M290X stopped working (everything indicates it's broken). So, I was thinking about buying a Geforce 980m but everything I read about installing a 980m in an Alienware (GPU upgrade) mentioned about having to install modified drivers and turning off the driver signature enforcement. My question is: why do we have to install modified drivers? Is there a way to install drivers directly from the official nVidia website? Modifying the BIOS and inserting UEFI drivers, or modifying the vBIOS? in order to use the official drivers? Thanks in advance, I await a response.
  6. It's missing a screenshot to show us how it will be, after the "update". Thanks
  7. Hi Prema, will you make a bios mod for W650SR? I've found this repo W650SR Series Thanks
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