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  1. thiki

    Gaming Headset

    I have the Astro A40 but they are a bit pricy but for the sound quality the offer its worth it. Check out dealsofamerica.com sometimes they have good deals on headsets.
  2. thiki

    Wifi signal

    Well with Wi-Fi it really depends on your router and where its located. If its in a not so central location in your place then more than likely you will not be getting a strong signal due to many factors such as, other interference with other devices on the same band, or generally wall prevent good consistent travel of the signals. So try moving your router to another location.
  3. Hi everyone, got a typical asian dude here. I'm totally into anything tech like, hoping to learn tips and tricks about my laptop and other things in general. Good to have a place to post questions about anything I'm unsure of.
  4. thiki


    Is there any particular SSD voltage that the GX70 laptop would not be able to take or handle. Been looking to add a SSD to my laptop???
  5. So does bar edit work with windows 8 i see it only mentions up to windows 7?
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