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  1. I suggest a bigger SSD, you wont be happy with just 128GB
  2. Its not very long if u play the Story only. Its pretty long if you want to achieve all the weapons and game modes. The multiplayer suck. There is a website name "howlongtobeat" very interesting for there kind of questions
  3. I played the Non-Directors Cut. It was OK but couldnt hold up to the trailers and my expectations. The directors cut got some thing better but still i cant rly recommend it. Have you played Dark Souls yet?
  4. Head0r2k14

    Gaming Headset

    Every gaming-headset is bad! If you want to spend 100$ dont waste it on something like razer or turtle Beach. Even the guy with the Creative Headset for 30$ has no Clue about good sound. You can buy a Mic from Ant-Lion and attach it to a real Stereo Headphone from Sennheiser or something similar.
  5. These are kinda casual and not up to date, so im suggestion some other masterpieces: Mass Effect, Dark Souls (Hard), Dead Space, Batman arkham..., Grid2 (Racing game), Remember me
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