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  1. I would stick with the Titans, mainly for the reason of having more VRam, which seems like alot more games are starting to take adventage of, between the higher screen resolutions coming up and these high res texture packs that alot of Dev's are starting to put out.
  2. The only issues I've been having with BF4 are mainly online issues with getting into servers, and being randomly kicked. Other than that the game itself runs fine. I do have some FPS drops but I'm running on ULTRA on 2 GTX 680's so I can see how that can sometimes happen.
  3. I actually just did this to an M17x R4, actually wasnt difficult at all. The directions that are on this site are very easy to understand, the only thing I really had to do was to downgrade the BIOS back to A05 then upgrade to A11, then unlocked A11 BIOS. After that it's all installation stuff.
  4. BF4 on my laptop runs on High in campaign, its only stuttered and had FPS drops afew times. Online I have to play on Medium though.
  5. I would follow what ghost1one said. It could possibly just need a firmware update, and definitely check the BIOS. When I installed mine and it was running slow because I didn't have AHCI enabled. If it still runs slow then possibly an issue with the HDD itself?
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