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  1. If you love FPS games, then get BF3, or BF4, if you dont have it already.
  2. Jahnsinn wins 2013's best desktop award I mean I've never seen a more futuristic and advanced desktop before. I know of windowblinds or whatever its called, but he has taken it into another level. Good work dude! Btw, does it affect your system speed? does it take time to load all that at windows start-up?
  3. Hello ladies and gents, I thought why not to make a short intro of myself... well, I joined TI because my recently purchased P370SM3 started acting strange and give me aaalll kiinndzzz of errors . I found out this forum via notebookreviews where ppl had similar issues namely 780M SLI flickerings. So far everyone has been really nice, and helped me with the issues, but yet not completely solved. I thought this forum is so amazing so I bought the Elite membership Also just for info, I'm a college student, love working out in the gym, and gaming I hope I get to know a few ppl here and thanks again for having such a forum.
  4. sorry, but what does it mean modded nvdmn.inf? What's the difference? thanks
  5. Can't be and I tried fn + keypad numbers, still no sign of light
  6. Still no luck fn+ * won't turn on the backlit. Do I have to change any settings in BIOS to get it to work maybe? ...
  7. I just realized my backlit keyboard isnt working, and I tried to update the hotkey without success... and it worked before the BIOS update, how can I fix it?
  8. Allright thanks for the PM, will use their update, and as you said it seems they did not have time sending out, but Imma try this and let you know how it went. Thanks to Prema, I was able to fix the boot up issue with new BIOS and EC versions. After I got into windows, I checked to see any difference in BF3 with SLI mode, but still the flickerings. Perhaps I should do the vBIOS flash?
  9. My reseller is PWNPCs, and they do provide with your BIOS mods right? This was quite unexpected since they made lots of testings before delivery, and the tests went good. Allright will look at it now, and if there is something I don't understand will let you know.
  10. I downclocked the RAM speed but still the same, and I doubt it would have been the cause. Prema: So I have to update the BIOS/EC and vBIOS? What are the latest version for those, and to be honest I never had to flash the BIOS before, so no clue how to do it. But I will give it a try if it does solve the problems.
  11. Hey warrup techinfernos Allright, I've recently bought the P370SM3, and went with 780M SLI, 16GB @ 2133Mhz, and a 4930MX processor. After testing it and benchmarking it seemed fine, but it just acted all weird when I ran games on 1080 with max settings. First I got the nvidia driver stopped responding messages, and game froze with blackscreen/bluescreen. I had to manually restart the laptop several times, as I couldn't press alt+ctrl+delete, or alt tab out the game. Secondly after all manual restarts, my laptop would not start normally by pressing the power button, I had to press FN+B and then PB. That led me to BIOS, and then allowing me to get into windows. Sometimes I do get SLI flickering in BF3, but sometimes I don't, its strange. I'm pretty much out of options here, as I've tried clean installation of the nvidia drivers, and downclocked my GPU as it came OC'ed from the seller. One more thing, I was able to play games on window mode, and not getting error messages. ME FW version: Bios version: 1.00.02 EC Firmware: 1.00.05 VBios revision: 80.04.BD.00.05 On BIOS it only states one GPU, and not two NV Geforce 780Ms. Any advice or help would be much appreciated! Thanks.
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