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  1. What do you think, aproximately, would be the impact of the heat spreader in a setup like this one? +- 10º C? I guess on full load, the HS would be much more important than on load. And that's what most people requires.
  2. Could you please add to the guide the best method to apply the paste and which one to use either on GPU and CPU? I've read about liquid ultra, mx4, and Than would be nice! Also you may also add the guide "how to replace the 780m heatsink for the 880m" which model to buy and how Thank you for the guide.
  3. Yes, the problem was fixed, I could manage to reduce his anger and go into his laptop and fix the problem. But c'mon, this shouldn't be the way either. He was so mad that he bought a defective brand new and very expensive laptop, and he couldn't play from day one. My point is that, now a days, companies sell products without even checking them. I understand when a product has bad quality, it gives you problems. But if you invest for a premium product, it should work perfectly. And also, not everyone is willing to go online, through specialized forums, and look for fixes. In my case, spanish ppl don't even speak or read english well, and we are a lazy community. Brands such as clevo, intel, nvidia, ati, etc, had very good products, but sometimes they continue selling defective products, or spend a whole year for a driver update to fix those problems. I personally had almost every problem that existed in pc history! and I think many users from this forum would understand my frustation, turn on a 2k laptop day one, and feel like you had been cheated. (flickering, scanlines, lan and wan f**ed up, freeze screen, loudy fans....) Sorry I Dont really want to annoy you.... plus I think this is not the place to comment on this topics. But thank you for listening! - - - Updated - - - Just to clarify. Problem with ac7260 was fixed, but even after updating the drivers, the problem was still there. We had to disable HT mode for stable gameplay.
  4. are you using 2.4 ghz band or 5ghz? There are infinite posts about this card on internet. Trust me, I had to do magic with my computer for making this card barely work. Recently, a friend bought an msi g60 ghost pro and he had exactly the same problem. He was very mad about it and wanted to return the laptop just because he went home, started a lol game, and ping was going up and down like crazy making himself unable to even play a single game. Not everyone is able to research and fix problems as maybe you and me do. He was not even willing to update the drivers. He was very upset for investing 1.7k in a laptop and not being able to even whatch a youtube video as he was doing with a 300$ shitty laptop next to him. It has been proved, and Intel just released a beta driver for it,(after a year of many other driver updates not fixing the problem) and still problems persist. Has to deal with 2.4 ghz band and HT mode. This card has been made for brand new wifi conections, but not for old ones!
  5. Hello guys, First thank you all for all your replies. I really like this forum and community. Everyday people helping each other. : ) @Prema I did the bios upgrade as suggested. I did a clean w7 install, and I think I have stability with 780m SLI setup again. No boot problems and no freeze screen while playing. TY BRO! and a big hug for your friend too. I had to send my lap back to XMG since I had many problems in the laptop to be fixed. -LAN is having random disconnections while playing (5-10 seconds) and I think is because of high temps near the LAN area. Not sure. -Wi-Fi ac 7260 is a headache card. Really. No comments here. I could fix it by disabling HT mode and dealing with some band and energy configs, but I don’t feel nice having this card on my laptop. -As commented before, temps are crazy high; I suggested a re-paste with gelid paste and a heatsink full check. I hope they would be able to fix everything! I will let you know once I have an answer from them. From now, I had a good experience with XMG support. They allowed me to do a vbios fix by myself without breaking warranty, and following day by day on the problem to see if it was fixed.
  6. THank you for your awnsers. Let me explain the issuee a little more. The system is not overclocked. I get temps while playing of 94º for the sli config and 90 around for the processor. Temps are not an issue here since I get frozen like 5 min after starting a game, and sometimes nothing. its random. Also, I have that boot problem, so I guess temps are not affecting. It should be some hardware/software conflict. But since I get boot problems, it leads to hardware problem for sure. Maybe temps are affecting, maybe drivers, maybe the power supply. Any idea? thank you!!! - - - Updated - - - Also, the QWER part of the laptop gets crazy hot while playing. The cable is attached next to the hot zone. So I think that is affecting the LAN hardware since sometimes I get random disconnections. Really, this clevo laptops sometimes are a huge headache.... - - - Updated - - -
  7. Guys! listen carefully and please let me know if someone between you has experienced what Im experiencing with my p370sm3 120hz 780sli. hehe -I have my vbios and bios both flashed and running prema stuff. Working good till few days ago. -everything runs good, but sometimes and very randomly, I get the screen frozen. Then I have to restart the laptop, and when it tries to boot again, it shut downs by itself again before reaching windows logo. ( wtf ) -then, by doing some magic, I reach windows again, start the game again, 5 mins playing and again laptop freezes. -It happens totally randomly and It happens not only while playing but sometimes while having tons of things opened in windows. I can play for hours but then next day I can't play for 5 mins. -I think it is something related with nvidia 780's drivers or cards. Sometimes the laptop doesn't freeze but an nvidia error shows up (driver crash ) -the more demanding the game, the more it crashes. 780's reach 93 dregrees celsius, almost its max temp, maybe that? -Recently I formatted to windows 7 again, till now, I'm playing smoothly again. I don't know for how long btw. Can someone tell me how can I detect the problem, and if so, how to fix it? The XMG tech support told me to send it to them, but since now its running ok again, it bothers me doing all the shipping process for maybe no awnser.... HELP ME!! Thank you such a nice ppl here! : )
  8. Dear my lovely lifesaver prema. as always my 2000bucks laptop is giving me problems again... after having an almost 90% problems solved on my clevo p370sm3 (xmg 370p723 120hz 780sli) I still have the LAN and wifi problems : ( But what im here today is because suddenly, and after having a pleasant game experience during 2-3 months after flashing both 780's and bios, my laptop is starting to blackscreen after 5min of gaming. It just freezes sometimes, and sometimes it just freezes and auto restart. What can I do ? dof you have an idea of the possible problem im experiencing? do you recomend me to send the laptop back to the manufacturer to have a check? Im kind of tired of playing with flashing and stuff... I guess thats what I was tied when I decided to buy this machine but men... The only hint I can add is that one day I got an NVIDIA driver stopped working, after that, problems started. I tried installing new drivers, new and older ones, going to non sli config, and things keep happening, in a lower impact once I go to non sli config. I was thinking on flashing a new BIOS but I saw p370ms3 v2 still not operative. Could the problem be a 780 card or cards broken? Temps are kind of high (hwmonitor say laptop overal temp is aroun 70C iddle while cards keep 40 iddle, and core0 runs at 60-50 iddle) and fans are always crazy going top speed low speed as it wants.... Will you be able to save my life again? LEt me know if you need me to upload any picture, video, or config... No intelXMP installed, no overclocked rams or processor on bios, just sli 120hz enable. nvidia 332.66 runnning. thank u men : (
  9. THank you, I will try with those configs. I have intel xtu installed on my laptop already, do you recommend me to uninstall it as I red before in the forum? Also, I assume I have to set x core ratio limit to 34 to max performance for gaming. What about the turbo boost technology that makes those ups and downs while running one game or another? I understand it will save energy and is optimized by computer or game request/demand, but , should I leave it like that? On desktop we usually set the frequency to 4/4.2 and so on, while playing with voltage and little more things. I really don't want to mess up with my laptop but I am curious about it. Did you include any maxfan shortcut/fn+key in the p370sm3 ? I have seen my sli temps go around 90ºC and I don't really understand why or if that is normal. Any way to fix it or play with it? any solutions? just add that I find this community, and talking seriously, the best and most supportive one I have ever been in. Great job really and congrats
  10. Hello again perma! I finally flashed your new bios to my p370sm3 xmg laptop. Everything is going perfect. Thanks for that! I have a few config questions you may be able to tell me how to set them out: 1. I bought 2133 2x4gb rams, but I had problems getting 2133 with xtu with stock bios. How do you reccomend me to set those frequencies now having your bios? by bios manual mode or still using xtu? do I only need to apply the multiplier and restart? 2.How can I overclock my 4700mq from bios? Could you please tell me a safe OC set up, and how do I apply it? Im tired of seeing ups and downs while playing games in the CPU frequency, so I would like to know how to keep it boosted! 3. ( maybe you can also help me with this one ) Im having weird gamming experience with 780m sli. should I use nvidia latest drivers or stick to the clevo ones from the clevo web page (even being so older ) THaanks again perma really u are the best !
  11. Thank you Perma. SHould I try oc'ing the CPU with the same program you gave me? I usually do it from BIOS but there is not an unlocked bios for my P370sm3 and therefore not unlocked for XMP changes. Thank you for the awnser
  12. Wow. I really didnt know about that program, I used the multiplier for setting the ram to 2133 mhz and now is working perfectly. I have one more question ( sorry I am a noob) maybe you can kindly help me! I bought my new P370sm3 clevo by XMG with 780m sli. other than having that horrible flickering, I would like to set up my computer with optimal setup for gamming usage. That is vbios 780 oc, and also overclocking my i7 4700mq. Here is the multiple question: -Is it safe to oc the CPU and keep it oc'ed for 1-2 years? ( im talking about a safe oc like 3.4-3.6) -Does the vbios v2 780m oc are overclocked or downclocked? I red in the forum both things, and I dont really get the point. -Since my RAM is the new 2133 cl 11 jipraw, it supports XMP, but I dont have such option in the program you told me. so, should I change any other option to make the profile be the same with the profile supported by the RAM sticks? are they probably the same? I can upload a printscr if you want. and last question here: as the flickering-lines problem comes from a defective power management from the power supply not being able to supply enough voltage, is it safe to have those 3 platforms oc for daily usage? (i mean RAM @ 2133, CPU @ 3.6 and 780sli @ X voltage and X frequency/memory) pd. my ram runs low voltege 1.35 Than you in advance GURU - PREMA !
  13. I havent hear about gintama. I am watching now sword art online. I was not very happy with the story at the beggining but few episodes and you get addicted! also give a try to kill la kill, I laugh alot!
  14. Guys, If you want crazy music to listen while you play games, try OTSCHEN, a german dj that makes monthly dj sets worth listening. Im also enjoying matisyahu right now from the bios mods blog!
  15. All rightt! thank you for this incredible forum. I came searching for tools for my new laptop and I found incredible support by the community. I will thank also SVL7 for his incredible work fixing my problem with flickering 780m sli. THank!!!!
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