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  1. That is the highest score i have ever seen! Probably the highest 3dmark11 score for any 650mGT! Congratz!
  2. Stevenx - i posted the instructions at NBR since you don't post there. I hope you don't mind. Thanks for the updated driver link!
  3. Rocking Review Bro! Can't wait to get mine in a few days. So MSI really works for overclocking? I guess OC is disabled on the clevo's according to NBR.
  4. Great thread as always guys. This site is the best by far.
  5. I just got turned on to this site via searching. Those are great numbers on battery. I had no idea those were even possible. I need to check to see what bios i am running. Im not too familiar with all this but learning as I go. I like the m14x as its great for gaming and not too heavy. btw, What is NBR Parrot Crew?
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