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  1. anger_258

    Witcher 3

    i finished exp Hearts of Stone, i am playing Blood and wine now
  2. anger_258

    Far Cry: Primal Review

    awsome survival game, i will play this game
  3. anger_258

    Battlefield 3 Optimization Guide

    thanks a lot , that is amazing!
  4. anger_258

    Alienware Logo Light not working!

    My M17xR4 logo board is still function from 25/3/2016 to now
  5. Hello all, My name is Tuan, I'm from Vietnam. I'm 28 years old. Nice to meet you.
  6. anger_258

    [Guide] Modding Nvidia OEM INF Files

    i need 5 posts badly
  7. anger_258

    Alienware Logo Light not working!

    Everything you need to do is: just replace with LED Logo Board LS-834BP. I face the same issue, because the Led board near die, after replace with that part from ebay, the Logo text is lighting up again i am so happy p/s: After replace, power up your laptop and wait, because the AW logo text light up with the Aw light control center (sorry my English isn't good)

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