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  1. @jam97 I don't know, I have it on AC most of the time and I'm using batterybar, which has much better battery time projections than windows.
  2. I'm using win10 since the launch and didn't have single issue... just use the latest drivers from intel and not from lenovo https://communities.intel.com/thread/81511
  3. NEVER change the voltage in bios, you will brick your laptop. You can use intel extreme tuning utility to set the voltage and multipliers for cpu, it will set it automatically after each windows boot and nvidia inspector with windows task scheduler to set gpu clock and voltage automatically after logon.
  4. no, it doesn't work when you brick it by undervolting. Nothing works.
  5. 42mm M.2 SSD's are up to 256GB. And what cover? It is held there by single screw on top
  6. Now I bought Transcend MTS400 M.2 256GB and it is working without problems.
  7. I think it's called "graphics device" and to disable nvidia set it to "UMA only" I don't know about sli, since I don't have sli model. Maybe you will need to remove ultrabay gpu first.
  8. if you have at least bios 3.05 (doesn't have to be unlocked), you can disable nvidia GPU in bios and use only integrated. Integrated gpu is not limited on battery and it's power is somewhere between one third-one half of the power of single gt755
  9. On AC, peak power consumption of my laptop under heavy load was more than 140W, and that was just with single gpu (measured with socket watt-meter). This would kill the battery (and maybe also you, if the battery exploded). So no, you can't unlock gpu on battery, it's hardware protection, deal with it.
  10. No, the battery just cannot supply enough power to GPU at full speed. It's hardware limitation and it cannot be disabled in any way. This limitation was present in every single laptop with powerful nvidia card that I've had. Only thing you can do on battery power is to disable discrete graphics altogether and use only integrated GPU, which is faster than slowed down nvidia GPU.
  11. undervolt cpu with intel extreme tuning utility and gpu with nvidia inspector
  12. I have non SLI version, so I don't know anything about ultrabay GPU, but repasting cpu and internal gpu was pretty easy, compared to my older asus g73sw. I used noctua NT-H1 and the cpu is now around 10-15 °C cooler under heavy load, it was reaching 100°C before and thermal throttling. GPU is also few degrees cooler, but it wasn't overheating before. You can download y510p hardware maintenance manual from here http://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles_pub/ideapad_y410p_y510p_hmm.pdf where you have step-by-step disassembly guide Also you will void your warranty, because there is a sticker on one screw under the keyboard
  13. no, haswell cpus are for different socket
  14. no, I returned it to the store for full refund, looks like y510p is not compatible with a-data m.2 ssd. Unfortunately, that is the only available model with 42mm length in my country
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