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  1. kutizoltan83

    GTX780M+ in HM & EM models...

    Yes i know this links, but i cant download. I have just registered here... Do i have to write specific number of post replies to able to download it? Thanks Prema!
  2. kutizoltan83

    Is Clevo known for fan noise issues?

    I have a Clevo P170HM wiht a GTX 560M. I know this vcard is not the best gamer, but my machine is very silent. Even during games. And its not hot at all. Clevos has very effective and silent heating.
  3. kutizoltan83

    GTX780M+ in HM & EM models...

    i would need a standard bios for GTX 675M. Its not compatible with my Clevo notebook,because the card is comes from a dell machine. Where can i dl a standard bios?
  4. I think if you dont want to sent much money on a machine, buy an Asus G73 or G74 series. An i7 processor and GTX 460M or Ati HD 5870 videocard is enough for almost any game at Full HD medium or high settings.
  5. kutizoltan83

    no acer love in here

    I have had an 18.4 inches Acer notebook. I didnt really love it... I couldnt remember the model name, but it had a core i5 and an Ati HD 5850. I liked the keyboard and the huge screen, but other hand this screen had awful colours and annoying reflections.

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