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  1. Lol thats what I was just about to say. It does that when you switch to battery.
  2. Lol Call of Duty will run 100fps+ for years unless someone else steps in. BF3, Im thinking All high, no AA, Medium shadows, 1280x800. And maybe about 30-40fps range? I play BFBC2 @ about 60-80fps all maxed, vsync off, 2xaa, 1600x900 with OC @ 750/1080
  3. Too late, already got with the 2630QM. I think in about 2 years or so, when other stuff is out, Ill consider upgrading it to the 2830QM
  4. You should get Section 8 and try that on the IGP (or I will when mine comes heh). Its 10$ and the graphics are okay but should be fine on integrated on medium or so. Itd be fun to play with an XBOX controller on the go.
  5. Because the i7 processors are crazy-powerful. The GPU is the bottleneck in the m14x, so the cpu is really doing most of the heat. The gpu still gets hot though. These components were designed for 15.6 and 17 inch laptops! Not little 14 inch ones
  6. If you call and haggle and say what you just said about them making false claims, Im sure maybe someone could work out something
  7. V-Sync limits the FPS to stop tearing on the screen. Pretty much always leave it off unless youre getting like 80fps or above.
  8. Yeah, didnt they drop like 3 pounds off thee m17x?
  9. Yeah plus about 280$ for the advanced warranty. Decisions decisions...
  10. Steven told me to order with the 2720, but I cant shell out the cash. My goal was to haggle for 8gbs of RAM, but now Im wondering if I should seek the 2720. My other option is to get the 2630QM, and upgrade when prices drop. So really, how hard is it? And this is coming from a standpoint of someone whos really done nothing more to a notebook than upgrade ram.
  11. Hey guys, just registered a while ago. I was on the NBR forums for a while but just got tired of their misinformation (then when me or someone else corrects them, they say its wrong) Anyways, Im going to get my m14x soon (ordering maybe tomorrow?) and even though I've done alot of research I'm kind of confused now. So I know that Dells drivers arent the latest 555M drivers and such, so I need modded INF's and such. I know theres a brand new driver, but it appears to be buggy. Its really just stuff like this. So any m14x users that can kind of compile a list for me would be fantastic (like the latest best driver with a link) and things like that. I dont plan on reinstalling the OS but I know there are fixes for the 40hz problem such. So stuff like that. Kind of alot but if anyones got nothing to do it would be great. Thanks.
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