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  1. Cool, i managed to flash it successfully with the unlocked bios, but I tried to install hackintosh on it by meddling with the bios which eventually caused the bios unable to boot, however I restored the original bios with the USB stick and combo keys when the laptop first boot, so i now I am back to square one, which is the original locked v2.03 bios. I wanted to flash it back with the unlocked bios, so I perform the usual fptw64.exe on win7 by backing up the original bios, and then use sl7 tool to modified the bios into unlocked bios. but now i encountered the problem saying the bios can't be written when I am in win7, so i boot to DOS, and run the PRR.exe in dos, and it stated as ready. but when I use the fpt dos to flash the bios, it just give this error. (as shown in the picture) any idea what went wrong here? thanks
  2. I am trying to install mojave into this laptop y400, which is similar to y500 but running on GTX 650M with bootloader from latest clover. but I encountered kernel panic as shown in the attached picture. I realized mojave doesnt support Nvidia, my best bet is high sierra, but this is installation boot up that is failed. so i heard that optimus is an issues for this laptop, but there is no disable internal intel GFX in the bios option, so i presumed the Nvidia would load just fine, with nv_disable=1, I tried other build of macOS build bootable USB (by changing the config.plist), it restart itself with the screen turn black and high spinning cpu fan. so I don't know if anyone already got this laptop succesfully running hackintosh? thanks. do you mind to share your config.plist? I have no luck with mojave or any other macOS, it always reboot itself into black screen with high cpu spinning fan or turn into kernel panic. thanks
  3. i see, the whole UEFI is driving me nuts, now that they store the win license key in the bios, anyway thanks for your tips.
  4. sorry for the stupid question, is the Y480 bios compatible with Y400 model?
  5. i see, but i am running win 7, is the license store in bios for win7? don't intend to upgrade, this version serve me well. cheers.
  6. hi oticep, i try to search the video and post it here sometime later. thanks for your advise. cheers mate.
  7. Hi Octicep, please help to clarify my doubt, I saw the video in this thread somewhere. that fellow backup the existing BIOS, and use the downloaded tool to modified it, so that mean I don't have to download the modified 2.04 bios right? but where is it included in the download link on slv7 first post? are we supposed to stick to the modified BIOS of our own? thanks.
  8. i am using ideapad y400 with current firmware 2.03, i suppose it is safe to flash it with the modified 2.04 posted by slv7 on his first post? anyone?
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